Just like some of the new and trending artistes on the scene right now, writing a story on this fella was a rocky one. As talented as he is, with a prospect that surpasses what he’s enjoying now, for him and those other groups of artistes to achieve more and be ranked among the best to ever surface from this country, they will need to have a reevaluation of the people that make up their management team. Some of the folks in these various teams need to be schooled on how the industry works; their PR skills are appalling.


With that out of the way, it will be hard not to give credit to Small Doctor. In today’s industry, he’s one of the artistes with the most unique sounds burning the airwaves and gathering a legion of faithfuls along the way. His single ‘Penalty’ is pure class. When you make a sound like that for the streets, every brand will want to jump on the success train to reach out to their millions of fans.

Small Doctor came through to the music industry in 2012 after releasing a handful of mixtapes and freestyles. As the years went by, it so happened that his originality and culture had a huge influence on his sound. His sound, which he describes as Fuji Pop, gained massive audience on the streets where they received him as one of their own, certifying every material put out. Temitope Adekunle who is a native of Ese Odo, Ilaje L.G.A of Ondo State, born in Kano state in the northern region, did not excel as a fluke, he knows his onions and mastered his craft. The self- styled street ambassador is popular for saying ‘Hain Hain’ in his songs (hope one day he tells us what that means); this has been his signature since he did his first song. Branded with the name Akeweje by the iconic Fuji superstar Alhaji Alabi Pasuma, Small Doctor came to limelight with street anthems like ‘Gbagaun,’ ‘Anobi,’ and ‘Mosquito Killer,’ which are all produced by Dr San. With accumulated experience gathered doing collaborations with household names in the industry like Terry G, Oritse femi, Reminisce, Olamide, Pasuma, and the group Artquake, the music industry is counting on Small Doctor to continue delivering hit songs that will lock the streets down for a long time.

– Sesan Adeniji

Culled from Mystreetz magazine( DJ Neptune edition )

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