“Being on radio is a childhood dream come true, as an individual I liked
everything gist. I honestly think I got my love for radio from my dad.
Growing up, I listened to a variety of programmes on radio – from Katung
Aduwak to Wildchild (IK Osaikoduwa) to Baba Keke on the Primetime Show, but
one person that got me stuck on radio was Wale of Cool FM Abuja
” – Bunmi Omos


Bunmi Omoijuanfo / Mystreetz Magazine

“RADIO HAD ALWAYS BEEN MY COMPANION”… That was the first sentence she made
when I interviewed her on the successes attributed to her brand as one of
the most revered radio hosts in the city of Benin. There’s something about
her that oozes perfection whenever she comes on-air on Speed 96.9 FM. The
way she goes about her presentation is enviable; her assorted choice of
playlist is refreshing. “When it comes to my taste in music, you can’t box
me in. I listen to every genre from Gospel to Rock to Country to Afro pop,
Rap you name it and when playing on radio I like to mix things up as I know
that everyone has his/her choice of music.” – She stated. During her daily
show, one could feel her soul entrenched in the show just like the
*Ikrandraci* bonded with their raiders in movie Avatar. She takes her
audience to unbelievable heights.

“Being on radio is a childhood dream come true, as an individual I liked
everything gist. I honestly think I got my love for radio from my dad.
Growing up, I listened to a variety of programmes on radio – from Katung
Aduwak to Wildchild (IK Osaikoduwa) to Baba Keke on the Primetime Show, but
one person that got me stuck on radio was Wale of Cool FM Abuja. The idea
of engaging your audience gets me thrilled.” – She started talking to me.

“Presenting comes naturally to me – but it was not easy getting here. I
remember my mom and sister in the Lay readers society in our church, Saint
Anthony Catholic Church Jabi Abuja, and everyone actually thought it would
be my younger sister that would be in the radio gig as she won many awards
in Abuja and Benin City. I remember rehearsing the Missal with my mom and
sibling and getting pronunciation correctly or rather being corrected by
mom as she was sort of a perfectionist.

“The opportunity to be on radio presented itself when I was about rounding
up my studies in the University of Benin in 2013, just a casual talk about
what to do while waiting for Youth Service, when one of my course mates
made mention of an internship with Raypower Benin. I decided to give it a
try and I auditioned. I think I impressed with not just my presenting but
also with my scripting. I did all shifts – Morning, Afternoon and Night. At
that time in Raypower, most OAPs didn’t want to take the Sunday belt so as
the newbie I was slotted there to anchor the Sunday Morning Bliss; I also
anchored the Soul Serenade. Raypower made me grounded in this radio

“Presently, I am with SPEED FM 96.9 BENIN CITY, a wholly Pidgin English
station. I had to adjust myself from the phonetics I was used to. To be
honest I wasn’t really conversant with Pidgin English, so I had to put in a
lot of practice and start from the basics. I am really enjoying my time
with Speed FM as it connects me with the grassroots.  There is this thrill
I get when people tell me ‘Ah Bunmi you knack dis mata well oh’; it gives a
sense of satisfaction that I am able to put smiles on peoples’ faces whilst
doing what I love. Nothing beats that!

“I am a movie junkie and that’s the only way I get to relax. You won’t
catch me at the bar or club but rather I would be indoors with my movies
(the Korean series are just getting me going) and I won’t fail to mention
that I am a diehard LIVERPOOL FC supporter (Mohammed Salah just adds spice
to supporting Liverpool). So when I am not on air or watching movies then
you can catch me reading or surfing the net or writing. I am happy with the
growth of mass media (radio stations) in Benin City. Before now we had a
few but there has been an explosion of radio stations and it has really
opened up opportunities for the youths in the state like myself.” – Bunmi
Omoijuanfo a.k.a Bunmi Omos.

– Sesan Adeniji


  1. Angel

    Bunmi is good at what she is doing

  2. Tatafo

    Nice one Bunmi

  3. Olaleye Ajayi

    Certainly, Bunmi has said it all and can’t be better said. My contact with her has revealed bundle of energy that is irresistible, endearing and always willing to give the very best while delivering on timelines. Am not surprised at her recent elevation as GM, Speed FM Benin.
    Kudos Bunmi. Keep it up. God is your strength and Up! Up!! Speed FM.

  4. Dr Atsikidi Leonard

    Bunmi, I call her the Iron lady of speed FM. She has great passion for her job. She will stop at nothing to ensure speed FM is on air. She deserves to be encouraged by all especially the management of speed FM.

  5. Muobuike Francisca Nneamaka

    She has a wonderful personality. She is adorable, humble, kind, cool headed, friendly and ever smiling.
    She puts her heart in whatever she is doing ie giving her best.
    She is simply the best gift that God has bestowed to

  6. Zainab Aileru

    Awwwn, This is so inspiring. I hope to grow soon too. Bunmiii, shine on, The sky is your starting point by God’s grace.

  7. ‘Seyi

    Great talent, great personality!

  8. Ororo1

    Surely the Best… Reliable,Hardworking,Trusted and always good to go…. That’s my General Manager of Speed FM Benin.

  9. Bunmi

    Thank you

  10. Sri George

    Bunmi is a special soul and a classic OAP. I have done programs with her and trust me she is good at what she does.

  11. Adekola Adeniyi

    Bunmi Omoijuanfo she is a radio presenter, a passionate woman, an iron woman, big woman with big mind , from a floor member presenter to head of programm, now a radio head its our work ooooo

  12. Uche

    More grace Bunmi

  13. Moniyke

    Her passion for the job is impeccable and she has got a pure heart.

  14. Otse

    My radio junkie. I admire her a lot, she’s this person that has an idea about everything, never a dull moment with her and her management skill is superb. God bless you sis

  15. Godwin Eigbe

    Bunmi Omoijuanfo is born for the radio. Her time in the studio is one of my best moments listening to radio.
    Bunmi is someone that pays attention to details. As former colleagues and co-host at SPEEDFM 96.9, I know her well. The perfect touch people praise her for is a product of extensive research and passion for what she does. Bunmi will never jump into a topic without thoroughly examining every connected issue. She can gist for Africa and also became a steady supplier of Korean films to my family. I admire her love for radio and presentation.

  16. Samuel

    She’s exceptionally good.. i admire her courage and boldness. More Grace ma.

  17. Evbuomwan manassas aka $K.B$

    What a privilege to call her my boss, a great amazon, a woman of zeal and passion, I so much admire her humbleness, courage, inpact and friendly nature towards everyone around her, and apart from being my GM at speedfm 96.9, I am also proud to call her my God mother.

  18. Mohammed

    Yes, talking about the best anchors in all the FM station I listen to in the whole Benin City and environ, this lady pilot is the best. I can’t afford to miss her whenever she’s on the air. Keep it up Bunmi

  19. Joe

    I am glad she’s living her passion….Big up GM

  20. Miamiddon

    Bunmi ur show na bomb, keep it up and the Lord is your strength…


    Wow! This is a long awaited piece. Wonder why it too this long for bloggers to find this rare talent? I’ll never forget the day I walked into your office, as an OAP Myself, I shivered when I had the sweet queens English that came out of your mouth. I always enjoy your breakfast shows, your music selections “na die”! I’ll never forget the day you played “When You Fall” – Brymo that song touched my soul. As if that was not enough you jammed “Touch A Life Today” – Tu Baba. What about “Dainna” ? I remember you talking about medical issues on air, and you hit the nail on the head like a professional. You keep me glued to my radio. I listened to your shows everyday before I go on air myself. Bunmi I remember the “Hello! Hello! Where you dey jokes” we crack and I burst into laughter anywhere I am. You are always a source of inspiration, joy and fun. Keep touching lives positively. I love you “scara scara biko”.

  22. Adu Adeola

    Bunmi has always been a bubbling lady full of energy and such energy is well directed at what she does. I have been in contact with her and she exudes honesty and frankness. Kudos Bunmi. Keeping riding FM!

  23. valerie ojiru

    My big sis!!! Proud of you babe!!

  24. miss bummy

    When one has passion for some thing, u see it in them. I’ve always known she has passion for broadcasting anytime I listen to her on radio.
    Keep it up girl, d sky is ur staring point.

  25. endurance

    keep the good work going…… your voice is golden!

  26. Smith bamidele

    Good day madam bunmi.
    How is everything? I have being trying to reach you on phone but i couldn’t. Bunmi, there is a man that came to this radio station(speed fm) to advertise IJMB exam. In fact, some of the stu
    dent that got admission into the school call me and started telling me about there bitter experience in the school hostel. any way I have text a message to the man that came for the advertisement to tell me exactly what is going in the school hostel and of cause the school generally. The students are complaining bitterly on how the school is extorting money from them to pay for light bill, how robbers came to the school hostel and robbed them of their valuable thing and when they complained to the authority he will respond negatively. also the school hostel is totally black out that if anyone came in to attack them they can’t identify his or her face. bunmi you imagine in an hostel of about sixty three rooms each room occupied with two person were asked to pay #500 per person for light bill after the school have collected more than a hundred thousand naira from the student school fees and hostel fees they still demand heavily from the new student FEDERAL SCHOOL for that matter. the student can’t pump water when there is light, they will be challenged by the management why should they pump water ?. So auntie you need to please confirm this from the student most especially the hostel students. Thank you very much God bless you ma.

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