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You know those Edo girl jokes?

It is all over social media, you just have to hit up the term, ‘Edo Girl’ into the search box, and immediately you are flooded with memes, avatars and hilarious videos.

Being an Edo girl is synonymous with having ‘juju’ powers; well that is the bants on social media. If this is the first time you are hearing of it then I am well shell-shocked.

There is this particular meme that stands out; the image of a woman wearing a pointy hat (synonymous to witches in anime) and flying on a broom, underneath there is a caption; ‘EDO AIRWAYS’.

It has become such a valid ‘thing’ that it is no longer offensive, I just laugh it off in good faith. So when I introduce myself to people, I take the joke away from them before they get the chance; I say;

‘My name is Oghomwen Toni-Osagie, I am from Edo state and I don’t fly in the night.’ They immediately burst into delirious fit of laughter and we hug it out. I kill the Edo girl joke, with swag!

Don Jazzy is not a geographical state or a custom, but with his level of impact and success in the music industry, he might as well be.

I know I quote Drake a lot, but it is with adequate relevance if I might add (hehe). The apt way to describe this witty and talented young man is thus;

‘Whatever he touches, he can’t do any wrong. He turns to gold.’


That’s the Don Jazzy effect. He is like the proverbial chicken that lays golden eggs. But in this case the eggs are full grown talents in the representation of the, MAVIN DYNASTY.

I dare you to go through your favourite music chart and a Don Jazzy protégé/beat is elusive, it is not possible. In Nigeria that is, his music and sound is everywhere, if Don Jazzy produced it, you bet your bottom dollar that it is a hit.

We are all aware of his good works and his philanthropic side; he has carved a notch on social media, when Don Jazzy is on your timeline, being his ever-jolly self, expects money, gifts and record deals to exchange hands. I don’t know what his flaws are yet, but that’s none of my business. So long as he keeps doing what he is doing we are okay, we are immensely satisfied.

He has mentored and is still in the light, a lot of young acts and his legacy is something my generation and upcoming ones are going to reference for a very long time. But there is one thing;

I want to see Don Jazzy as a judge on one of these reality music shows; like, ‘Project Fame West Africa’ and the likes. Do you know the kind of over the roof audience that will generate? I know I will pay good money to watch him sitting behind the table and blessing us with his musical geniuses.

When I think of Fruity Loops, I think of Don Jazzy. (In Africa that is).

As an artiste, a producer, a successful record label owner, an ambassador and a philanthropist also he is the ‘imaginary bae to Rihanna’; he is steady pushing the envelope, his easy interaction with his fans. He is truly the people’s man, so when Don Jazzy tweets new music or endorses a new artist’s sound we listen, just because the Don said it is worth our time. That is the effect he has on this generation.

Oghomwen Toni-Osagie

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