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Just ask any young lady the question ‘Do you know Maleek Berry? They will
smile back with a glow on their faces. Like Socrates, they will reply with
another question before you finally get their answers.  ‘Who doesn’t know
Maleek Berry? I have all of his songs on my playlist. I love his sound so
much, he’s my new boo.’ That’s the response I have gotten from all the
ladies I have ever asked that same question. This is beyond coincidence;
this is the reality that forms the bedrock for why he’s the toast of
today’s Nigerian music industry. The love for The Maleek Berry sound is

Literally, there’s no dispute that girls run the world. In the music
industry arena, when an artiste’s sound inspires the female gender, and his
or her songs are on their replay, the success of that brand is certain.
When an artiste’s concert/gig is credited with huge female turnout, that’s
a sellout. These are some of the attributes the Maleek Berry brand is
enjoying right now.  His December 2017 show can be likened to a trophy
parade of a Gram Slam winner or a Champion league winning team; the
overwhelming turnout at Hard Rock café venue for the event proves he’s
becoming a cult hero. Every music note he makes now seems to come with a
divine feel; he’s operating on a supernatural level.

Any die-hard music enthusiast knows the fact that; Maleek’s rise to stardom
wasn’t out of the blue. It’s simply generic. Although, most can testify to
how talented of a producer and vocalist he’s but few could have believed
his body of work would hold them spellbound this much and long. Across
gender lines, for over two years now, every single released have lived to
become monster hits. In an industry crippled with bandwagons singing to any
particular trending vibe, Maleek continues to stick to his guns, releasing
pop-like R&B singles that could make it to Hot 100 billboard songs. Like a
wildfire, the #Berry sound significantly continues to spread across age
grades; his legion of audience are growing geometrically. The Maleek Berry
tale reads like a fairytale.

Monitoring his continuous conquest in the music industry has all the
resemblance of Styl-Plus, one of the most significant, relevant and most
successful R&B music group in the modern music era. This group came in like from the backdoor, like a typhoon. Their impact was groundbreaking. Every
single released was breaking the records of the previous by them. With
rhythmic love melodies and addicted chorus lines, they made all the sisters
fall in love with their sound. Their trailer loads of female audience
inevitably drove the guys to attending their shows. Boys were using lines
in their songs to serenade ladies they fell in love with. In an era where
Galala music from Ajegunle was trendier, Styl-Plus’ resounding R&B vibe
broke the mold and competed favorably. Berry’s music is also competing
perfectly with every listening ear at a period when street vibe attributed
to #shakushaku is dominant. The mad love for Maleek Berry’s music is
awe-inspiring. I recently had an interview with him:




What inspires the EP #FDOW? Talk about the album in detail. When you
started recording and all that transpired from the first single to the day
of release?

The EP was just inspired by life experiences. I wanted to follow my debut
EP Last Daze Of Summer with a more emotional and darker project. Each song
tells its own individual story but at the same time, they are all
connected. I started the project in September. It was initially meant to be
release in November but I decided to push it to January instead because I
wanted to just get it right.

What do you want your fans to take away from this album and what makes it a unique body of work?   

I just want them to enjoy the music. It’s music that everyone can relate to
but at the same time listen to in the club, the bathroom or even their

How will you describe your music and what comes to mind when you write
your songs?   

My music is a mixture of all of the sounds i grew up listening to, merged
into one. Whether it’s R&B, Reggae, Hip-hop or Afro-pop. I will always find
ways to bring these worlds together when making a record. I don’t like to
over think when creating music. I make the beat and find the melodies
within the song almost instantly.

When you are not performing or producing, how do spend your time?   

Most of my life and time is dedicated to my craft so if I’m not on the
road, I’m in the studio creating. I still write and produce songs for other
artistes too so that takes up a lot of time.

Talk about all the artistes or producers that have influenced your craft
from day one

Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Rodney Jerkins, Brandy, Usher, there are
just too many to name.

Describe yourself as a performing artiste and also as a music producer?  

I’m at a stage where I don’t even separate them anymore. To me it’s just
art. I am focused on being as creative as I can be and maintaining
excellence in both worlds.

Talk about your previous album and how your sound has evolved?

I feel like now I feel a lot more comfortable as a songwriter, which allows
me to be more open in my story telling and write about broader topics. That
in itself pushed me to evolve my sound, but at the same time still hold on
to what makes me who I am, which is the groovy, yet minimal sound I have
been known for.

As a producer, what are the criteria you look at before working with an

Nothing but passion



Bankuli / Mystreetz Magazine


We must not also forget he started his journey in music with a church rap
group in his church in UK’ – Bankuli

I crossed paths with Maleek Berry in UK during a period when I was
working on the Oliver Twist single release project with Dbanj. We went
out hunting for an apartment, when I met Maleek and Davido recording
in the same apartment we came to view for rental. As I walked through
the corridors before getting to the sitting room I was hit by a sound
very crisp and distinct yet familiar. Immediately we entered the
sitting room, I gave him my phone and I can vividly remember telling
him ” Give me your number sharply.” He smiled and I asked, “What is
your name?”

“Maleek,” he responded. We kept communication from then on and of
course the rest was history. Maleek’s growth and transition from a
producer to singer looks easy when you hear his music but I must say a
lot of hard work came to play to make that possible. He went through
the process of learning how to sing and write his own music.  We must
not also forget he started his journey in music with a church rap
group in his church in UK.

In one of my numerous trips to the UK he once took me to the church
so I know how it all started. I believe he was born to do music, why
because I have not seen any of his peers match up with the same level
of discipline and dedication to create music. Just look at how much he
has been able to cover in a short period. He has been able to create a
sound and fusion of genres laced with great lyrics to capture most his
female fans and us all over the world. You can hear a blend of R&B,
Ragga, Afro-pop, Afro-beat, Afro Fusion. The vibe is new wave and
fresh, you will love to hold down the sound in your mind to sing
along and dance. I know he is here for a long time because his
dedication and work ethics along with his ability to blend tech and
fashion with his style of music is impeccable. His videos are also a
thing of joy to watch i.e. “Kontrol,” “On fire,” “Let me know,” “4me,”
“Pon my mind,” etc. He defines his music visuals greatly.



Stephanie Ubozoh / Mystreetz Magazine

“Maleek is unique, he brings life to music; you
feel like you can almost touch the music
” – Stephanie Ubozoh

Maleek Shoyebi popularly known as Maleek Berry is a super talented producer
and singer plus a definite eye-candy lol. Self-Producing his tracks with
his soul-reaching vocals makes him one of my favorites. He’s able to tell
simple stories you can relate to with a smooth rhythm that will have you
smiling, bobbing your head or outright dancing, while feeling slightly
intoxicated with his music. Maleek is unique, he brings life to music; you
feel like you can almost touch the music
with the vocals and beats
interwoven perfectly. Listening to Maleek is like listening to magic and
absorbing it! I totally enjoy all of Berry’s Tunes. But the ones that get
to me always are ‘Been Calling,’ ’Eko Miami.’ ‘What If,’ ‘Lost In The
World,’ ‘Pulling Back,’ ‘Kontrol,’ I can just go on and on Personal advice
to Maleek Berry though, it’ll be ok if u switch it up every once in while;
we’ll totally love and appreciate it still! From a loyal fan.



Iredumare Ojengbedeb / Mystreetz Magazine

I sincerely love the effort he puts into ensuring his music
doesn’t take much to sink in. The simplicity is exceptional” – Iredumare Ojengbedeb

Maleek Berry’s music is a very connecting type of music that tries to unite
cultures, particularly blacks at home and in diaspora. If you are Nigerian,
you can understand his vibes irrespective of the society you grew up or are
accustomed to.  I sincerely love the effort he puts into ensuring his music
doesn’t take much to sink in. The simplicity is exceptional. I love all his
music and his collaborations. However, my favorites are Eko Miami ft Geko,
Kontrol (Extended), and Pon My Mind. What makes him standout? His
creativity is simple and exceptional.  He has a great personality and to be
honest his Management is a very professional and communicative one.


Oghomwen Toni-Osagie / Mystreetz Magazine

“I appreciate how simple his lyrics are, there’s no unnecessary metaphors,
it’s just so clean and relatable” –
Oghomwen Toni-Osagie

I hope that after you read this, you log into whatever music platform you
are subscribed to and you purchase FDOW. Man Like Maleek Berry, from his
first piece of work I ever heard to ‘First Daze Of Winter,’ there has been
a consistency. He didn’t switch up or become watery just to appease the
larger audience, he remained the same in his music. If you listen, you will
understand what I mean.  When I listened to FDOW It made me happy, I’m not
sure if it’s his song writing or the relatable love encounters. It just
makes me happy.

I want to talk about this some more. From ‘Own It’ to ‘What If’

I like how on OWN IT he is basically serenading his babe telling her the
perks of his love, how he is loyal. The words seem so original and pure. I
appreciate how simple his lyrics are, there’s no unnecessary metaphors,
it’s just so clean and relatable.
  PULLING ME BACK is lit! Maleek Berry
gives me this vibe of a recluse; mushy, introvert, and hard guy. It’s like
a kaleidoscope of various personality traits. I love it. His music
resonates. My personal favourite is WHAT IF. Listen… I sent this song to my
ex, because… why not?!

I am so proud of FDOW, it is such a breakthrough for the Nigerian music
scene, I like how it’s not just watery content, I like how Maleek infuses
feelings and emotions and it’s not corny. You’ll vibe to this piece of
work, you’ll relate to it. There’s a track for everyone, it’s a 6-track
piece of work, it’s straight to the point and you don’t get confused. I am
excited for 2018, I want to see how far Maleek Berry pushes his craft, I
want to spend my small coins on his music and tell my friends about this
Nigerian UK music producer/artiste that makes music that’s understandable
and binge worthy.

HOPE ODABI – Social media influencer/brand promoter

Hope Odabi / Mystreetz Magazine

If I am to describe Maleek Berry in one word I would say EXTRAORDINARY! He has proved without a shadow of doubt that you can be successful as an
artist and producer without making any part suffer. He might be a household
name now but that fine man (permit my french) has been in the music scene
for quite a while and has worked with A-list artistes such as Wizkid,
Davido, Banky W, Fuse ODG, Wande Coal, Sinzu and many more as far as back
2011 .


Ardahtalker / Mystreetz Magazine

First of all, allow me declare my feelings for Maleek Berry.
Dear Maleek Berry, I have such a huge crush on you. Like I would actually
jump on stage and kiss you intensely
; the next time I attend any of your
concerts. I hope and pray that you see this though…

When I fell in love with Maleek was when he released ‘For My People’
featuring Sneak No. Prior to then I had heard some of the songs he produced
for Wizkid, Fuse, Wande Coal and a couple other artistes but ‘For My
People’ was the first time I was hearing his voice and it was amaze-balls
and it’s been nothing but love since then.  His Last Daze Of Summer album
and First Daze Of wWinter were both proper and I love every song on them,
but the ones I love the most are ‘Been Calling,’ ‘Eko Miami,’ and ‘Nuh let
go.’ Maleek Berry if you ever see this please call me 08052988939.


Isoke Ann / Mystreetz Magazine

Good music is magical especially when you feel the need to listen to music
at a down or over joyous moment. A lot of people do music especially in a
country like Nigeria but not everyone does “Good Music” and you can tell
when you take out time to listen to the lyrics of some of your favorite
songs, then you’ll know what I mean! However, one artiste who has been more
than amazing lately and does really good music is “Maleek Shoyebi”
popularly known as “Maleek Berry.” Maleek Berry is an artiste I would love
to call a sensational artiste that has come into the Music Industry to
standout and to not fit it in and the reason(s) for this is credited to his
many talents such as being a Record Producer, Song Writer, an Audio
Engineer and a Singer who has found his voice/sound/style. As an On Air
Personality with a More Music Station such as Vibe 97.3 FM, you simply push
play to good music, because that is what my listeners are interested in and
because most importantly, I can hear every word and sing along to
most of his songs and move to the beat which are all usually amazing… He
has done a lot of great music and got various nominations and recognitions
too, but  the ones I love and can’t behave myself whenever it’s
played are: 1) Eko Miami: which I believe will stay for as long as it takes
because every word was well selected/put together because I’m more
concerned about lyrics than beat. 2) 4 Me: another great Jam I can’t help
but sing along whenever it comes on. Exactly what good music does to you,
you simply learn the lyrics. 3) Bent It: I can’t listen to it sitting
down; it gets me on my feet whenever it comes on. 4) Been Calling: I have
come to love and appreciate his music because he found his own sound and
never tried to copy anyone which has paid off today.

– Words by Sesan Adeniji


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