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Switzbois/Mystreetz magazine

Switzbois/Mystreetz magazine

Under the professional guidance of Ark House Productions management team, the music industry is about to experience some of the best music from one of the most promising music duo to come out of Africa. Tymless and Toffi of the Switzbois have sets their eyes to conquer the global music village. This Switzerland base music group is one for the future that start now.

According to Prince Sena aka Toffi a Ghanaian by birth

I couldn’t have asked God for a more suitable musical companion after meeting tymless as his voice echoed through the hallways some seasons back.

It’s has been an awakening and an ongoing experience for me to have a brother who is as dedicated as I am to share this musical life experience with. It was rough for me growing up in Ghana and trying any means necessary to get my music across and perform in front of thousands of musical lovers. As an 80’s born I have an undying desire to see the world unite and become a peaceful continent and am willing to spread love and happiness through our music as a form of my contribution towards a peaceful world’.

With influences from 2pac bob Marley and the Ghanaian music icon kojo Antwi, it’s clear where my vicious and aggressive voice on wax comes from but one thing you can’t take away from me is the aura of unconditional love that surround me and my musical partner Emeka Pius Oleh aka Tymless

Tymless describes his undying passion to succeed in the music business as its been attributed to the mere fact that, when he starts something he must see it to the finish line. His passion drove him to set up a recording studio in Nigeria’ the country of his birth. This also led to setting up of Tru lov Records.

‘Today I have more to be thankful of first of all my son who inspires me to work extra hard and also Switzbois which I have so much faith in due to the fact that we are doing an eurocentric and afrocentric blend of music which gives us a competitive advantage to break through worldwide.

Switzbois are Based in Switzerland and for this we are looked down upong  as a no treat to the African music  but for us as switzboi music to our knowledge is global we believe with the right song and push we will tour all the African countries not forgetting the rest of the world’.- He concluded



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