“(Laughs) I am a Super Woman!! Anyways, It takes the Grace of God to manage being a wife first and an artiste second. It hasn’t been easy, but my husband and family have been very supportive” – Aramide

There’s something about Aramide that seems to defy the odds. If you follow her career story you will attest to the fact that this lady has withstood some career crippling adversities and she just keeps winning where others are dying trying to compete. While the career of some of her other colleagues at Trybe Records 2.0 came to an abrupt halt when the record label could no longer sustain its dream, Aramide moved on effortlessly. Countless of times, Aramide has gotten nominations and won awards when her colleagues were going bonkers for not even getting nominations. In today’s industry where artistes are struggling and battling record labels to push out their albums or roll it out effectively, I drove through Ikeja and saw Aramide’s album advertised on a billboard. There’s something special about this lady and it’s only fair for me to have an interview with her. Enjoy…

Aramide / Mystreetz Magazine

Aramide / Mystreetz Magazine

Kindly describe the story around your album in detail and what you think the audience will take away from it?

My album is titled Suitcase because it tells the story about my journey so far with my life and career, which is one that people can relate to. When you are going on a journey, there are things that you need which you have to take along. It is mainly about my life experience and I think it’s worth sharing with people. That is why the songs on the album are songs that people can relate to and place with certain situations in their lives. I want my audience to come on this musical journey with me.

Tell us about your journey so far in the music industry?

The journey has been quite a long one. From starting all the way back in Jos doing music, times when you’re not really sure if what you are doing will bring the kind of life you want, then coming to Lagos and trying to get to those who believe in my kind of music. I am glad that I met Eldee who gave me my first record deal. There has been challenges but in all God has been good to me.

Aramide / Mystreetz Magazine

Aramide / Mystreetz Magazine

I am of the opinion that record labels in Nigeria are struggling to find the best ways to deal with female artistes signed to them. What’s your take?

For me, I think that it depends on the kind of music you are doing and how you are able to distinguish yourself. If you do what other female artistes have been doing, you will be seen and taken the same way but if you try to do something different, the way you will be seen will not be the same way.

If you are not doing music, describe your typical day to us?

When I’m not doing music, I try to relax, have fun and spend time with my family and friends. Doing music take a lot of my time so the times when I am not doing music, I am either cooking for my husband or watching TV shows or visiting friends. Oh, and making funny Snapchat videos if I am bored. LOL

What should your audience expect from you in 2017?

My audience and fans should expect FIRE! Aramide is coming strong this year. This year, I will still be promoting the Suitcase album. We are shooting more videos for the song on the SUITCASE album. I will be going on tour as well. As you know, I just released the Video to Funmilowo Remix, which features Sound Sultan and Mr. Koker.

Arguably, female artistes are finding it hard to manage marital life and music career but you seem to be an exception. What is it that you are doing right?

(Laughs) I am a Super Woman!! Anyways, It takes the Grace of God to manage being a wife first and an artiste second. It hasn’t been easy, but my husband and family have been very supportive. It is all about balancing the whole thing, making sure that your career doesn’t clash with your marriage and also setting your goals, because setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.

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Culled from Mystreetz Magazine

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