It has been proven that men like what they know they can’t have.
Most men are attracted to the sort of women they envision their mentors with; like how Drake repeatedly sings about being with women he used to idolise on TV or dating girls Lil Wayne has been with. I am not sure what that does for their egos, but it is probably as unexplainable as how some women have over 100 pairs of shoes or how most girls like to soak in a bowl of ice cream on a Friday night after a tragic break up. Different strokes for different folks.

Genevieve Nnaji is that type of woman.
The men lust after her, the women love to hate her and some folks just love her beguiling looks and sultry personality.

Ask me, what do you think about Genevieve Nnaji? I will say;
She is like a Chanel purse. She cannot be imitated, she is a timeless piece. The only Nigerian woman in this industry that can be compared without raised eyebrows to her counterparts internationally. Genevieve Nnaji is like Indomie noodles; there are other noodles in Nigeria but we call all of them ‘Indomie’ even when we don’t mean to buy indomie. She is like how we call all soda ‘Coke’.
People might roll their eyes and flick their wrist in disdain, but it is what it is. I am a young lady; I know how it feels to be compared to the Glamazon. I don’t see why anybody should hate on her and what she embodies.
She is hardworking, successful in her businesses; Movies, Fashion and, Ambassadorial duties.
I have a big issue with every ‘Tom, dick and harry’ being called a role model, but on the real, she is what role models should be and look like.

The Genevieve Effect.
People say she is a very private person and we only know what she wants us to know about her personal life. But then as a writer in the literary field, we have a term for that; ‘Branding’.

You don’t have to be on social media 24/7 telling us what clothes you are wearing and trying your hardest to convince us on how loving your husband is or how happy you marital front is. That is not branding. There is no star factor in that entire charade.
Genevieve Nnaji gets it; she has her fans do all the talking for her, even when the haters try to troll on the internet, her fans speak up for her.
She has this foundation that only she has been able to achieve in an industry as watery and see through as the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.
Her aura is like a difficult jigsaw puzzle, you might get irritated by how every man in the country is obsessed with her, but you find yourself stalking her social media platform. Trying to see what she is up to and her travels.

The Genevieve Statement Moves.
At the recently concluded AMVCA, she literally ‘did it on em!’
In a room full of industry women, in the whole of Africa, she was visibly the best dressed. She broke the internet in her signature effortless manner.

Late last year, she relaunched her clothing line, exclusively on Jumia; St Genevieve.

Her Amstel Malta deal is still fresh in the oven.
Being one of the faces in the world famous, most talked about, ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ movie is another feather in her hat.

Genevieve Nnaji is not a saint, but she is probably the only Nigerian celebrity that gets the concept of being a star.

Extracted from Mystreetz Magazine(Cynthia Morgan’s edition)

Words by Oghomwen Toni- Osagie

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