‘I intend for my images to be seen as art, such as me shooting a model without clothes on, it shouldn’t just be seen as mere nudity but the art’ – Tobi Timothy @tim_mcbaj

Tobi Timothy / Mystreetz Magazine

Tobi Timothy / Mystreetz Magazine

Almost all the models I have done an editorial on have referred me to him to get images. There must be something special about his works and the way he handles his professional relationship with these models that makes him the go-to man.

Tobi Timothy / Mystreetz Magazine

Tobi Timothy / Mystreetz Magazine

‘Okay, as weird as most people think I am with the genre of my photography I intend for my images to be seen as art, such as me shooting a model without clothes on, it shouldn’t just be seen as mere nudity but the art behind this image from the lighting to the pose, the props, etc. Photography is art. I enjoy shooting models more although I have clients who are artistes but models understand my view and are ready to depict my imagination into a visual reality.’ – Tobi Timothy Olaobaju.

‘I am a portrait and fashion photographer, the last of 3 children, a 500 level student of Estate Management from the University of Lagos Akoka, (UNILAG), so I am…. of age…. a small boy.’ – He smiled as he continued to tell me his story.
Tobi Timothy / Mystreetz Magazine

‘My photography journey started from me being this little boy that liked picking up people images and toying around with them with an app back then called Picasa until my friends suggested I shoot the pictures and then edit instead of just picking up random images; to my greatest surprise, during the holidays after my diploma my big brother came home from his school with all Adobe Collections with video tutorials just for me, and that’s how I started watching and learning the art of editing and finally got my first digital camera an Olympus E-410. And as I grew more in the art, I experimented with various equipment. I remember using a Nikon D3100 also till I finally settled to be a Canon fan.’
Tobi Timothy / Mystreetz Magazine

What motivates you?

I get my motivation from many places. Surfing the web for like minds on Pinterest, Google, F-stoppers etc. and also from discussing with my creative team on an idea I have, so we try bringing the idea into reality. Every photoshoot I have is the most interesting because something new must be created and this drive of creating art pieces keeps me going and makes every shoot interesting.

His body of work is rife with interesting pieces he needs to share with the world and that led to me ask the question, ‘When are you going to exhibit your works?’

‘Soon, real soon’ – He responded with lots of conviction.


As I rounded up the interview, I decided to get his view on the photography industry in Nigeria. As if he was waiting all through the duration of the interview for this particular question, he sat back, took a deep breath and responded:

‘The photography industry in Nigeria is doing real good as there are great photographers creating new things to keep you motivated and going but there are also quacks in the industry who tend to insult the business by not shooting right and also giving the impression that photography is a cheap profession. Well in any good profession, there must be bad workers… At least according to me.’ – He burst in laughter.

I concluded the interview by asking the question, ‘What’s your dream city to shoot in?’

‘I would want to tour the world with my eyes In my viewfinder.’

– Sesan Adeniji

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