Toby Grey To Debut New Single ‘ShowGlass’ On The 25th of July

Toby Grey To Debut New Single ‘ShowGlass’ On The 25th of July

It will be hard to fault any effort from this young songstress since her entrance into the Nigerian music industry in 2011. Her growth is steady; she continues to win audience over everywhere. Her latest effort titled ‘ShowGlass’ produced by Tyemmy will debut on 25th of July. Her fans are already pre-ordering.

Toby Grey ‘ShowGlass’ / Onazi / Mystreetz Magazine

When asked about the song, she replied Mystreetz Magazine


Photos – YusufShotme Makeup & Styling by – @beautifulafricana

“Really, this song represents a lot not just for me but everyone out there.
We live in a time where it is easy to assume that “all that glitters is
gold”, that it’s okay to please everyone else but yourself , that you
should hide who you truly are because the world is watching. For a long
time I’ve been in the realm of this facade but now stand in a new light…a
light that solely feeds my purpose; a light that represents my own happiness; my opinions and my truth. It was written for everyone soul searching and yearning for their purpose. Consider this my gift to you…
live your truth, engage your purpose and stay true to it” – Toby Grey

-Sesan Adeniji

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