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“His lips were soft and when she felt it on her lips she knew her pussy lips would want it too. He circled his tongue around her ears, licked and sucked on her neck like a vampire in need of blood. Her hands searched for new places on his body and her legs were open wide for him to make his decision to go down there”

Ivy peed on the pregnancy test strip and prayed that the test
came out negative. She had missed her period before but then she wasn’t bothered because she wasn’t having sex. Her boobs had become swollen which was also a sign that her period was approaching but this felt different. She had been celibate for a year and she didn’t want to believe that one tiny sex, though explosive wasn’t enough for her to get pregnant because it was her safe period that day. Her heart was racing and it skipped a beat when the strip said positively. “What am I gonna do? I’m not even ready for this baby. How would we survive?” She held the sink for support and cried her heart out hoping the baby would pity her and somehow vanish.

Oge was in her bathroom looking at her pregnancy strip with tears in
her eyes. It was negative and this was the fifth time this year. All she
wanted was a baby to call her own. She was approaching 45 but her looks could pass for 27. She didn’t want a baby when she was too old. She didn’t have luck with men and the only one she married passed away after 4years. She was tired of spending money on sperm donors. They were safer but expensive. All she wanted was one baby. Just one baby!

As Richard got to his office he looked at his wristwatch and was
relieved that it was exactly 7 am. He had enough time to finish whatever he was doing before the rest of his colleagues started coming. He was excited because this could see his dream of becoming a billionaire within reach and he would have finished since last week but his thoughts kept drifting off to two months ago. That was the first time he did the unthinkable. Some of his friends had done it in the past but he couldn’t help himself because his thoughts kept traveling back to her screams. “Please, please don’t”. That was mostly what he heard. He was so engrossed that the look on her face as he choked her pleased him. He quickly snapped out of it and silently prayed for forgiveness.

Ivy made up her mind that day that she was going to get an abortion. She wasn’t ready for the baby. Her drive to ‘the place’ was one filled with scary thoughts. Why was it called ‘the place’? How many
children had been aborted there? What if her child’s spirit started haunting her after the abortion? She quickly shut the thoughts out. She rubbed her belly and asked for forgiveness from God and her baby and she didn’t know when she started crying. “Madam it’s your turn, please go and change by your left “, a lady in her mid-twenties said. Ivy looked at her and asked if it was painful and the lady smiled and said; “It’s just like losing your virginity, afterward you’ll come again.” It made Ivy wonder if the lady had done up to five abortions. She was asked to lie on the bed and open her legs wide but when Ivy saw the tools looking rusty and scary she stood up and said she was keeping the baby. They were not going to refund her money but she didn’t mind.

Oge couldn’t help her mood. She concluded she needed a man again in
her life; she was done with the sperm donor processes. She needed a real touch and then her mind went back there. She had seen him walk into the room and immediately her pussy purred. He was dark and as he passed her she wanted to hold him close and sniff on him. She wanted him naked while he dripped with sweat and she would lick him. Oh, how bad she wanted to circle her tongue around his perineum and then back to the cap of his dick. She had kept her eyes on him all through the party. She was a bit tipsy and everything came to an end when they heard gunshots. People started running and she did the same. She ran out looking for a place to hide and suddenly she saw a lady run into a car and without thinking she ran into the car with the lady. That was the best decision she ever made in her life, she thought to herself as she drifted deeper into the past. “Close the door let’s get out of this place.” She looked up and that voice belonged to the man she had undressed in her head. “I’m Richard and if you don’t mind I’ll suggest we lodge in a hotel and wait for daylight before we go to our different destinations.” The rest she heard was gibberish because all she could see was Richard making rich, passionate love to her.

Ivy got home and she could feel her baby cheering from inside of her
that she didn’t abort it. A part of her loved this baby so much even though she wasn’t ready right now for the child. It was explosive, the sex that brought about this child was different and then she drifted slowly to that awesome day. He had suggested paying for different hotel rooms but since their party was ruined they decided they would talk about each other, politics and probably play some games because, after the gunshots and people running helter-skelter, sleep wasn’t on her agenda. He had said his name in the car earlier but she had forgotten so she introduced herself and she got to know the other lady was Oge and his name was Richard. They talked business then argued about politics. One thing about politics was that it never ended well and then she screamed suggesting spin the bottle game. There was a bottle of vodka so it was going to be fun. Somehow the bottle kept stopping in front of Richard and in a few minutes he was topless. She had noticed how the Oge lady kept staring at him like he was some sort of dark chocolate. But he was, he was also hairy and she just wanted to kiss and bite his nipples. She excused herself to the bathroom because she had to put her thoughts in check. And to her surprise when she got back she saw him on that spider position giving Oge head.

He was holding her legs so tight she wanted to move but couldn’t yet she moaning loudly and begging him not to stop. She went back into the bathroom walking up and down. She needed a man right away. She was horny to her feet and couldn’t think straight. Then she washed her hands sat on the toilet and began to pleasure her wet pussy. She tasted her juice and it felt so good and in minutes her fingers were racing in and out of her pussy giving it all the pleasure it could offer.
Oge didn’t remember how they got to the hotel room but she
remembered the girl Ivy going to the bathroom and that was when she touched Richard’s chest and he responded by sucking her fingers. His lips were soft and when she felt it on her lips she knew her pussy lips would want it too.

He circled his tongue around her ears, licked and sucked on her neck like a vampire in need of blood. Her hands searched for new places on his body and her legs were open wide for him to make his decision to go down there. But he was on a pace of his own, likened to an explorer, exploring every part of her body. By the time he got to her boobs, she knew he must have sucked boobs a lot as a kid. He gave each boob the same amount of time that none of them felt cheated. He licked her tummy while his fingers rubbed on her clit. She didn’t want him to stop forever and when his mouth tasted her clit she shook to her feet with orgasms but he didn’t stop. He had a hand on her boobs, a finger inside her pussy and his tongue licking, sucking and blowing hot breath on her clit. She came again and they heard Ivy scream from the bathroom.

Richard was ready to head home. Work was good today. He got into his car and he couldn’t help it. This car carried all three of them that fateful day. He would never forget how he ran naked to the bathroom with Oge behind him when they heard Ivy scream. He was shocked to see her naked and shakey with her legs wide open. He picked her up and took her to the bed. She must have walked in on them making out and couldn’t bear it. He was about to get back to Oge when he felt Ivy hold him tight. It was like Oge knew what to do because she didn’t look like she had a problem sharing and the next few minutes were filled with his groans, their moans and Ivy’s legendary squirting that was accompanied with the same scream that made them run to check on her in the bathroom. He was feeling like the King as Oge sucked on his balls while he Fucked every inch of Ivy’s pussy. Ivy’s strength was out of this world because the girl turned him over and rode on his dick like a sex-starved animal. After some time she stopped and urged Oge to come and continue while she came to take her position on his face. His mouth was getting work done and his dick was in a warm moist place. There was no place better.

Richard and the girls had switched and tried over 5 styles and
then Ivy squirted before she tapped out. He went to the bathroom with Oge and they continued. She went on her knees and sucked him while maintaining eye contact with him. Damn, she was good. He picked her up and kissed her hard while his hand played with her asshole. She moaned, damn she loved it.
He turned her over and lubricated with Vaseline and drove gently into her asshole. She urged him to go faster and harder. He knew he was never going to forget this day. They finished and went back to bed. He slept in the middle of his Queens. He woke up to feel Ivy’s hands on his dick. She rubbed on it and it responded instantly.

Ivy decided staying indoors would do no good, she needed fresh air. She thought about finding the father of her child. She drove down facing the direction of the mall. She didn’t know why she was going there but she just drove anyway. As she drove she drifted slowly to the past. How she held him and they tiptoed to the bathroom as they didn’t want to disturb Oge. Immediately they got to the bathroom he raised her up to the sink and drove into her wet pussy. She moaned and urged him to choke her and as he did he noticed she liked it and his grip tightened. That was when it happened, somehow he couldn’t let go because he was about to cum. “Richard please, please, don’t.” She said. He went harder and faster and she let out that squirting scream and that made him release all of himself inside of her. They were both smiling yet panting hard.

Richard had totally forgotten he was driving because he was brought
back to reality by the sound of a car horn and he pushed hard on his
brakes. He was hoping he didn’t hurt anyone and as he stepped out of his car the owner of the other car he almost ran into was at his door yelling.

“Are you crazy?” She yelled. “Do you want to kill me?” And then she
saw his face and she finished her statement. ” Do you want to kill your
child?” He looked at her in shock and said “What child, Ivy?”


Story by Caroline Eligbue @cyrabrasky

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  10. BornGreat

    Beautifully and Intelligently written.

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