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Xavier, Xela, and Alex started behaving strangely during their holidays. They started spending more time together without me in the basement and sometimes I got jealous….They would talk in whispers and I started getting bothered…something was taking my kids from me and I had to find out…

Being a mother of triplets was sweet because I knew in my soul I wasn’t going to get pregnant again, not because it was trouble but because I feel blessed to do a three-time journey just once. And let’s be honest it’s a lot of stress too. I have three handsome, kind-hearted, intelligent boys – Xavier, Xela, and Alex. They’re so stubborn and every day I prayed and I try to teach them right by God.

I didn’t want any of them to grow up and come home one day with a little pregnant girl, never. I quickly removed the thought from my head. I just did my best so they would grow up into respected and responsible men in the society. They were already twelve years old, so I had lots to teach them before they got to their sex age.

My kids were caring, they always helped me with chores, it made things easier for me and sometimes they ran errands with my pregnant neighbor upstairs. Of course, we also had bad days where they were sick at the same time and that were a huge burden on my husband and me. Worse days would be when they would quarrel and yell at each other but I’m glad it wasn’t more. My husband said as boys, it would happen and I got used to it.

My neighbor gave birth to a girl, and my boys would always go upstairs to watch her feed and bath her baby. They would return and take turns to tell me how they thought the baby was so small and flexible. Xela would say the baby always yawned like a lazy fat cat, and we all laughed. Then Xavier asked mom please can we have a sister, and I quickly replied Noooo.

I wasn’t getting pregnant again. But what if I got pregnant and gave birth to triplets again or twins, and what if they were boys? I wasn’t going to take that chance. My son’s caring level started giving me a cause for concern; today it was a stray puppy they brought home, tomorrow a sick puppy. I loved my sons, so after much pleading I allowed them to keep it.

Their dad didn’t help matters as he even helped them nurse the sick puppy until it got well. I now had two extra kids because the puppies were now family and sometimes it was exhausting. Most times I’d try to pick up a fight or argument with my husband because of the stress but a few minutes later we’d be in the bedroom entwined in our naked bodies laughing and making sweet love. He just knew how to take my stress off.

Xavier, Xela, and Alex started behaving strangely during their holidays. They started spending more time together without me in the basement and sometimes I got jealous. I called them and warned them “I hope you guys are not hiding a stray cat this time because your father is not around and I won’t let you keep any stray animal.” They laughed at me and nodded.

They would talk in whispers and I started getting bothered. What were these kids hiding? I hope they have not started getting girlfriends? I hope they have not started stealing or smoking? My husband and I provided all their needs and on a few occasions they had kept my money or pieces of jewelry they found so they possibly couldn’t be stealing.

I went upstairs to talk to my neighbor about it and she laughed and said: “They’re just kids, allow them to be, you worry too much.” Then she said they asked for feeding bottles, and milk and sometimes pampers and she always gave them because they play too much since its holidays. Then it dawned on me, they had to be up to something, another stray animal or something.

I called them and they said No. They started asking for money and I gave them, I didn’t want them going to steal. They were always excited when I gave them money, most times they would kiss me on the cheek and run out. I called my husband and told him we needed to get away either for holidays and the kids would love it. He agreed so I asked the kids and they yelled no in unison.

This increased my suspicionsomething was taking my kids from me and I had to find out. My husband returned from his trip the next day and the kids were nowhere to be found. So we went to the basement to look for them. As we tiptoed to scare them, we heard Xela say be careful don’t put too much oil, we don’t want her to get hurt.

My heart started racing, God, have my kids started having sex what I was thinking. Jesus, where did I go wrong in bringing them up? Then Xavier said, “You didn’t wipe her bum very well.” Alex said, “Let’s be fast and leave afterward we’ll come and play with her one by one so mummy won’t suspect anything”.

My husband and I stood still. My thoughts were racing with wild ideas. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I screamed their names and to my surprise, it was a baby. Their dad and I were dumbfounded. A baby girl! Xela came forward with his head bowed and said: “mum dad you can punish me,

it was me who brought her.” Xavier and Alex also came forward and said it was they too and asked that we punish them. I shook my head and I was mad at my sons. I saw baby milk, I saw feeding bottles, I saw pampers, lots of clothes put together as a bed, socks, baby dresses. They had been taking care of a baby this time, I picked up the baby, she was so beautiful and she smelled so nice like pears baby oil. We all went upstairs in silence.

One by one they told me how they saw her in the gutter one day they went out to play and couldn’t leave her. They had been taking care of her for over a week and they knew how because they always watched how my neighbor takes care of her baby. I was angry but in my heart, I was proud of my boys. Then they said “Mum Dad please can we keep her, can she be our Sister? ” Then Alex said we agreed her name should be Alexandria.

Go to your room, I said. You boys are grounded and you can’t keep her because she’s not one of your stray pets. My husband and I reported to the police and we were asked to write statements. A week went by and my sons were not as lively as they used to be. They spent more time with books or TV and still didn’t agree to travel on holiday. I knew why, but I couldn’t take care of one more baby. And they couldn’t understand as kids.

It was their 13th birthday next week and my husband and I already planned a big party to make them forget about the baby. Party day came and it was awesome, we invited family and friends, my boys were so happy, they ate, danced, played and I was happy again. After the party, we went to their room and asked them to come down for evening prayers.

They kept talking about the party and it was obvious they enjoyed every bit of it. They got to the sitting room and screamed. Yes, and Alex started crying. We surprised them by adopting Alexandria. They were happy as they took turns in hugging us. We have a sister, at last, they said. They promised to take care of her and always protect her. I felt so good in my heart, I had brought them upright and a part of me also wanted a daughter.

Story by Caroline Eligbue



Instagram – @cyrabrasky

Edited and Published by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji


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  1. Oladaride

    Nice write up. Please keep it up.

  2. Oluseyi

    Lovely, well conceived and well composed story. It is quite encouraging and nice to know people can sit and share a nice story like this. It has a lot of a background environment picture of a developed country though. But it’s nice. Very nice. I love it, especially because it has a happy ending. If it really happened, it could bring tears to my eyes, though…

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