UCHE ADAOBI – “It has been a great year in my modeling career” | MyStreetz Magazine UCHE ADAOBI – “It has been a great year in my modeling career” – MyStreetz Magazine

UCHE ADAOBI – “It has been a great year in my modeling career”

UCHE ADAOBI – “It has been a great year in my modeling career”

In any endeavor, the ability to objectively evaluate progress made, the capacity to withstand delays and competitions and the inventiveness to evolve while progressing are some of the major characteristics that guarantees anyone chances to succeed. In the modeling industry, one of the models I encountered this year that embodies such extraordinary traits is Uche Adaobi. Arguably one of the poster models from Gemians Model management, this lady’s determination is enviable. With stats that reads 5’9 with bust: 34, waist: 24 and hips: 35, her uniqueness and ability to cope in both good and difficult terrain puts her way ahead of her contemporaries so far in 2018.

“ As someone that is very appreciative, looking from the angle of all the strides made, I must confess, so far so good, 2018 has been a great year in my modeling career. As a model, all you want is to continue to make progress and be listed in some of the major fashion shows in and around you. This year, I have walked for Evol Fashion show; Lephysique Fashion Show and the just concluded Niger Delta Fashion Show. The Successes made during these events are springboard to chase the bigger platforms.

With an ND degree from Global polytechnic, this year, my journey as a model was tough but adventurous. Reminiscing how castings were, eating right and the workout to stay fit are all fun memories. The time spent with designers during shows and also hours with photographers( shout out to Bereal Photography and Emmanuel_king ) are also memorable. Not to forget, the disappointments of not being picked after some auditioning also formed parts of stepping-stones for all I’m thankful for this year. I’m so grateful to my Agency and the management, they are the reason for the significant exploit. Greater days ahead’ – Adaobi

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    We Proud Of You Girl

  2. Attah Azuzu theresa


  3. Flora_izzy

    The sky is ur limit bby..

  4. Flora_izzy

    More grace bby

  5. Lizzy

    U are going higher girl. 👏
    More divine grace sugar 👍🌺

  6. Lizzy

    U are going higher girl 🌺👏❤


    Shine on dear..u rock

  8. Godsends

    U rock girl

  9. Godsends

    U rock girl..go make us proud

  10. Jesse jay

    You have great potentials my dear and i feel that you got passion and determination towards the art and your work,that is what sets you apart and make you unique in your modelling career.
    Reach for the stars my dear, if you see then you got it never settle,never give up,you’re the best,and your level of commitment is enviable enviable.
    Shine on.

  11. Roland

    She is amazing

  12. Lewis Knight

    Elegant,beautiful, amazing,keep it up dear.

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