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Vera Ofure – Petite Model With Tall Ambitions

Vera Ofure – Petite Model With Tall Ambitions

Anyone who sits to talk with Vera Ofure will attest to the fact that this lady’s desire to walking the ramp is overwhelmingly obvious in every conversation. Always on the move and not deterred by her height, she’s laser focus to achieve her goals. 



Words By Sesan Adeniji

Standing at 5’3, with waist: 26, Bust: 31, Hips: 35 and age: 19, although petite, her ambition in the modeling industry is as tall as a skyscraper. A native of Edo state, this 300 Level student studying Micro Biology at the University of Benin is lacer focus as a model.

“My journey as a model started a while back. My teacher in high school was a photographer. He photographed me a couple of times. That was where my love for posing for photoshoot started. When I gained admission into the university, my craving for modeling went a notch higher.

A couple of times, I Google about the industry, and I gradually gained knowledge. I joined an agency in school but unfortunately; things did not work as planned. But in 2017, I enrolled with Gemians modeling academy to learn the basics of the craft. After that, I became an indie model.

In terms of growth, 2018 was a tough year. But 2019 has proven so far to be amazing. I have done several collaborative shoots with various photographers. I have also received invitations from prospective fashion designers and brands I will be working with. I’m very ambitious. I can’t wait to achieve all of my goals.” – Vera Ofure


Instagram – @veraofure

6 comments on “Vera Ofure – Petite Model With Tall Ambitions”

  1. Igbinomwanhia Francess Osariemen

    Go girlfriend! I love your zeal and commitment to what you do…it’s sure gonn pay off real soon…I’m happy to support you in any little way I can,and I hope you see that I mean well for you…up up you go girl! Make it big and come and dash me money😂 I love you!

  2. Alexandra

    Yass girl . go ,we with you all the way

  3. Queen-Esther

    That’s my girl😘😘Petite with BIG ambitions. U rock!!

  4. Aikhomu Queen-Esther

    That’s my girl!!! Petite with BIG ambitions 😊 I love your determination and persistence. I’ve always told u that u going places. Love you BIG BIG.

  5. believe

    more life, bless up, more wins, keep pushing, love u.

  6. Dessmund

    Keep pushing girl,your getting there..

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