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VICTORIA ONIAIYE – TTARRA ‘The Midnight Belle’ On City105.1 FM

VICTORIA ONIAIYE – TTARRA ‘The Midnight Belle’ On City105.1 FM

Irrefutably, her spellbinding voice, irresistible sense of humor and powerful reassuring engaging skills portrays ‘Ttarra’ as one of the most enthralling voice on radio every weekday midnight in the city of Lagos.

Words by Sesan Adeniji

Honing her skills at City 105.1FM, her show ‘Uncensored With Ttarra’ delivers captivating topics coupled with playlist to die-for. She’s the ‘Belle’ that delivers midnight dessert on radio.

“My full names are Victoria T. Oniaiye a.k.a Ttarra.  I am the second child of my parents. Born on October 9th in the 90s, I grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria (Kano State). I graduated from Bayero University Kano (BUK) with a Mass Communication degree and served in Katsina State.

Basically, I’ve lived all my life in Kano until I moved to Lagos May 1st 2018, when I had to resign at Access Bank and suspended my Masters in Public Relations to join City105.1FM. No regrets. Never been to my hometown – Ogidi in Kogi State nor my mother’s – Igbemo in Ekiti State. I did not exactly have a childhood lol, but I had a great upbringing.

Media has always been I place I saw myself especially television. My radio journey started after my service year. Although back in school, I learnt about radio and even practiced (course work). My passion for radio came to life when a certain radio station was established in Kano and I was groomed during my internship days by the best OAPs therein.

Let’s say opportunity-met preparation when I auditioned for CITY 105.1 FM and got in.

The rest is history. Thanks to family – Kshow and Quincy Jonze, settling in Lagos wasn’t so hard neither was changing my lifestyle. I was the opposite of me today. Not in all areas though. Upon employment, I was a co- host of the HIP- HOP RIDE with Kshow. Months later after the station revamped, ‘UNCENSORED With TTARRA’ was created. It has been from wonderful to breathtaking experience on the show.

Uncensored With Ttarra airs every weekday from midnight to 3am. The show has explicit content. 18+ONLY.

Conversations are pillow talk and more. Literally no topics are off limits, centered on relationships, love and sex. Audience participation is amazing always. The show is serving its purpose. Having conversations with different people who give their opinions on everything asked and who also share their experiences and of course ask for advice or way out of a love situation.

Uncensored with Ttarra also gets people hooked for friendship or relationship and so far so good it’s been great. God on my side, I’m hopeful it will go on great and even better than that with the opportunity for growth and testimonies. Still working on how I will get myself into the visual scene. For now It’s talking on radio and doing voice-overs while I keep my side hustle – selling my coconut oil” – Ttarra


Instagram – @_ttarra

Twitter – @_ttarra

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  1. Lammy

    Best of the best.

  2. Yoack

    She is just an amazing person ttara i mean victoria onaiye temitope

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