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Vique Releases Smashing New Single “Never Let You Go”

Vique Releases Smashing New Single “Never Let You Go”

Produced by Macroc, songstress Vique releases her first single for the year 2020 titled “Never Let You Go”. Talking about the smashing single Vique says, “I want people to understand and remember that they are not alone and they are loved and looked after. People need to get that they are valued and are important. God’s love will never let go”. The song came in handy with a beautiful music video that captures real-life stories acted by these individuals who are bold enough to share their stories.

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The song “Never Let You Go” is a catchy, attention-grabbing tune. The lyrics and storyline make you relate emotionally to the song and video. The 23 years old singer seeks to capture her audience with true-life emotions and stories. According to her, when producer Macroc created the beat and asked her to jump on it lyrically, she found inspiration in her sister’s struggle at that time.
Her sister suffered from severe cystic acne and suffered from depression, yet Vique who also suffered the same at a younger age wanted her and so many others like “her” to realize that situations don’t define them – what matters is how God sees them.

Vique believes everyone should remember The One who never leaves in the midst of chaos, she believes God is ever-present in highs and lows, no issue is insignificant or too big for Him.

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