“When I got signed I was happy about it but then I got face to face with
the main demands. Now I wasn’t just learning like the academy. I had to
practice it all. My skin had to be on point and just when I think I’ve lost
all flesh, my manager turns around and says ” You’re getting fat” or “Let’s
get your waist to 23 and why’s your hip looking 37?“- Naomi Okorodudu

Naomi Okorodudu / Gemian Models / Mystreetz magazine

In a polarized and partisan society we live in today, it takes a lot to
enter in for a modeling contest and emerge winner in an era where the court
of Public opinion on social media wears out the bravest. Add that to the
cynicism that comes with the territory by folks with huge
misinterpretation of what the modeling industry is all about, the odds
are not always on the side of models; but somehow, they continue to survive.

The level of hypocrisy rooted in toady’s society is without limit; the same
people influence to buy goods due to the fantastic representation by models
in advertising, those same people go home and discourage their family
members who are models from entering the industry. Despite this, the
modeling industry continues to welcome legions. One of those models flying
the banner of this industry high is Naomi Toyin Okorodudu, the newly crowned
Miss Uniben. This 200 level student Of Marketing in the
University of Benin, indigene of Edo state, is a special breed of model.

“Modelling for me started nothing so serious. A lot of friends kept pushing
me to go for it; although I did like the idea but I wasn’t really sure yet.
I decided to register in an academy to learn the basics and also to
get more knowledge about the industry and get to know if I was really ready
for the journey. I went through a 3 month modeling class at Gemian Models
Academy. It was fun but to be sincere at times I got tired with the whole stress
especially mixing this up with school and then fitness classes but
eventually I graduated from the academy and got signed into Gemian Model
Management.” – Naomi started talking to me about her journey.

“When I got signed I was happy about it but then I got face to face with
the main demands. Now I wasn’t just learning like the academy. I had to
practice it all. My skin had to be on point and just when I think I’ve lost
all flesh, my manager turns around and says ” You’re getting fat” or “Let’s
get your waist to 23 and why’s your hip looking 37? It’s probably funny
to me now but then I really didn’t understand why so much detail was put
into things.  I started going for jobs and then walking for shows and then
commercial jobs came “petite a petite”. My first show ever was MODA Fashion
Show.  It was a great experience though. I’ve walked for more fashion shows
and for brands like Evol Fashion Show, modeled For Benjamin Gold, Thieves
Fashion, Dahdi, Reality Stores, Bereal Photography, Emmanuel King,
Dukeilah, S.U.G app ad Campaign and so many others.

“March this year I got crowned Miss UNIBEN. That was a major point for me.
With support from my management, family, friends and my fellow models
alongside Gods grace I brought the crown home. Preparation was massive. My
model manager, Miss Ivie Okuns kept working all through to ensure things
went well, she gave me tips daily, ensured I was okay, assisted in my
projects and I believe one of the amazing moments for me was hearing people
scream my name in unison when the host was to call the name of the winner.
The love was massive.”

Naomi Okorodudu / Gemian Models / Mystreetz magazine


Currently I’m working on a project. It’s called “THE PURPLE CHILD PROJECT”.
It’s more than just a pet project for me. I’d be working on this majorly
this year. It’s my way of giving back to the society and not just that, the
aim is to make kids and youths realize how important they are.  Purple
signifies royalty and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that a crown
doesn’t make royalty, attitude does. The project is to assist kids in our
own way and also to help on releasing the potentials of university
undergraduates.  We’d be coming up with an essay competition in UNIBEN and
then for the royal kids in Primary school, we’d be giving out writing
materials in a government school in Edo state.


“My greatest moment would be on stage at Miss UNIBEN finals hearing the
crowd scream my name in unison and then I was announced the winner.
God, I’d be sincere I was so close to crying, tears of massive joy.  My
lowest point would be a time when I felt like modelling wasn’t for me
anymore. I missed major castings and not just that I also saw some really cool models and said to myself maybe modelling isn’t for me because I was told I
wouldn’t go far or even go near the crown because my legs weren’t all
straight. It’s funny now because I’m a queen and now I’ve got a crown to
round it all.

“I’d love to work with Prince Meyson, Image Faculty and Idris Dawodu this
year. My love for their art knows no bounds. Fashion brands I have my eyes
on and God willing would work with include Mai-Atafo, Lisa Afolawiyo,
Jenniva Designs, Gucci And Balmain. Getting featured on Vogue would be
awesome for me this year also.  I’d love to walk for GT Fashion Week, Lagos
Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion and Africa Fashion Week.  I want to be
the model people look up to and appreciate the word Modelling. Not just as
a beauty queen or a runway model but as someone who appreciates her roots
and never forgets to give back to the society whether or not they assisted
but showing unconditional love

“My name Is Naomi Toyin Okorodudu.  I’m a 200 level student of Marketing in
the University of Benin, Edo state. I hail from Delta State, Agbarho to be
precise. I’m the third child of my family.  Apart from
modelling I also run a business. I run a brand which majors on clothing and
accessories. I love modelling with everything in me and pray to grace the
Top 10 Models in the World fully by 2019 after working for major brands and
shows. I’m a very optimistic lady not a feminist because I don’t believe in
equality. I believe in equity…  I love acting although I’ve never been
on stage for any but hopefully I will one day. I love exploring life and
rocking the runway.”

– Sesan Adeniji



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