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saeon / Mystreetz magazine

My name is SAEON MORUDA and I am an Artiste and Creative. Some of you know
me to be the Artiste behind the hit songs Storí, Dé Bè, Nínu Clubí to name a few. You may also know me as the BoyChick with the 87Swags who shops in the male section, rocks long and thick ass Morudan Braids and carries a Back Pack. Something also worth knowing is that I’m a fitness junkie and this has been a part of me for a long time. So when Mr. Sesan Adeniji of MyStreetz
Magazine hit me up about this feature, I knew I had to share the secret to
my “solid-hot bod” as most have described it.

My Workout Routine

I workout in the mornings or evenings. In the gym or outdoors my workout depends on my mood. Sometimes I just wanna do it the old fashioned way by going for a 20-30 minute run or sweat it out by doing more cardio or focus on my
lower body or core or upper body. Sometimes I feel like an all rounder
and do it all. Whichever way, I start out 20 minutes before I work out with a
pre workout fruit – banana or apple.

I warm up my muscles for about 5 minutes with suicides, butt kicks and jumping
jacks, then I stretch. What stretching does is it reduces injuries,
improves performance and prevents sore muscles. I also place a lot of focus
on breathing and good form, hydrating as well as taking 30 seconds to 1
minute breaks in between each set of work out. Then I get into it.

Starting with my upper body and core, I do two to three sets of 15 reps of
push ups, bench dips, high and low planking, mountain climbing, crunches
and Russian twists.

Then I move to lower body, going into two to three sets of 15 reps of step
ups, dumbbell lunges, dumbbell squats (plyometric and pile squats) and leg

At this point I may be gasping for life as these things aren’t as easy as
they seem. It is important to note however that workout isn’t just about the physical exercise, but also balancing it out with a good nutrition plan. The work
out is just 25%. The dieting and food intake discipline takes up the
remaining 75% of staying fit and in shape. For me, I love to go on high
fibre and protein diets with less carbs and oil intake.

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