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Yannick Jean’s EP ‘Adrenaline’ Is An Excitement Booster

Yannick Jean’s EP ‘Adrenaline’ Is An Excitement Booster

There’s no disputing the fact that to some, music remedies depression. But to others, it does much more. Songs from the debut EP of the artiste Yannick Jean titled Adrenaline are all excitement boosters. This 5 -track body of work is a compilation of melodies everyone can sing-along, dance to, and nod their heads along to while driving. Songs like African Herbs – a mashup of pop with Afrobeat trumpet undertone is a sure party-starter.

Adrenaline is a five-track EP that highlights the diversity and depth of my style and talent while taking its listeners through an abyss of woke consciousness with edgy Afrobeats elements. The EP proudly wears the battle scars of the sound of a young boy who earned his bragging rights in the slums of Lagos Island- one of Nigeria’s most populated and fastest cities. It’s a tale based on the fight or flight we all tend to struggle within our everyday life.“- Yannick

Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Yannick launched his career in music in 2013. “I started playing the drums. The whole experience of life in the ghettos of Lagos Island left a traumatic memory in my head, and I knew for me to evolve, I have to face my deepest fears. Music was the escape route for me. I wanted to sing not just to make money but also to inspire. For kids in the ghetto who do not have anything to look up to, music is the only thing they could relate with for comfort. The EP is a journey of self-discovery starting from track one to track five.”

Click the link to stream Yannick Jean EP Adrenalinehttps://audiomack.com/yannick-jean-1/album/adrenaline

With tracks like Bad Brains, Jeje, African Lady, Frida Kahlo, and the lead single African Herbs, Yannick Jean’s EP Adrenaline is proving to be an excitement booster for a legion of music fans in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Click The Adrenaline Fan Link – https://songwhip.com/yannick-jean/adrenaline

Socials – Instagram – @yannick__jean – Twitter – @realteamyannick

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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