I remember as a child not missing out any of my favourite series on TV
then, the likes of (Sesame Street, Speak Out, Tales by Moonlight. I
also loved as a child to watch the likes of Cyril Stober and Hon. Abike
Dabiri Erewa

Oluwatoyin Salau / Yellosisi / Mystreetz Magazine

I have never been short of words writing about characters in the
broadcasting industry but this lady’s case is an exception. Engaging me in
a conversation about the music industry is one I’m up for all year but this
lady got me breathless; the first time she interviewed me on her show while
with Inspiration FM Ibadan, was a remarkable moment for me. It was one of
the most engaging and productive discussions I have ever had on air. She’s
done her homework; she knows so much about the industry and me. It was more
like the first time we truly spoke but it felt like we had known each other
all along. Oluwatoyin. O. Salau a.k.a Yellosisi is head above shoulders in
the broadcasting industry. Although now she’s the anchor of the daily
Morning Belt show on ThirtytwoFM 94.9 in Ibadan, Toyin has worked her way
through the rigorous path to become one of the most electrifying on-air
personalities in this country.

Asked about her Journey into radio broadcasting

Oluwatoyin Salau / Yellosisi / Mystreetz Magazine

I remember as a child not missing out any of my favourite series on TV
then, the likes of (Sesame Street, Speak Out, Tales by Moonlight, etc.). I
also loved as a child to watch the likes of Cyril Stober and Hon. Abike
Dabiri Erewa among others on NTA Newsline then. I got into broadcasting
during the service to my fatherland, that was 2010 after which I proceeded
to (FRCN) Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria training schools in Lagos
because my first degree was in Marketing. I also went to the Nigerian
Institute of Journalism (NIJ) to study broadcast journalism before and
during which I worked in about three radio stations Adaba FM, Federal
University of Technology Akure radio and Inspiration FM Ibadan. Also in
view is my Masters in Communication and Language Art at the University of
Ibadan. I presently work with an Urban humour-centric radio station
ThirtytwoFM in Ibadan (first of its kind in Africa). I am the hostess of
the Break’a’Dawn belt on ThirtytwoFM 94.9 (Morning Belt), the Smart Aunty
for Smart Kids, and also the anchor of The Hustle programme.



  1. Akin

    Epic.. Toyin salau. Thank u for been focused and consistent to your pursuit. Its your new dawn and I wish you many more achievements. Ire oo

  2. Adeniyi Hezekiah T

    You are indeed making impart in the broadcasting company. Note, you have not started cos the whole world is yet to know you and you must be known across the globe. Oluwatoyin O. Salau believes the sky’s the limit for your broadcasting career. Cheers.
    Much Love.

  3. Abraham

    Wishing you all the very best, I can see the sky not your limits.

  4. Official OSYB

    Nasoooo… Keep sparking electric

  5. Miko Nazir

    Great one Dear may the sky be your limit

  6. MAJ Oke

    I will always say “Yellow Sisi that is dark” each time I see her. I’ve always seen greatness in you. And I must say I love the way you keep that smiling happy face of yours. I love your charisma and that hardworking nature.

  7. Olatommiwa

    YelloSisi is an amazing person in and out of the Studio. The knowledge she has about entertainment industry is so overwhelming that you will want to make her your manager and lawyer at the same time. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss about music business and she was so on point. I think she’s just about to start and the Sky is the beginning.. I can’t even advice you Toyin, you’ve been working hard but working smart makes you unique..

  8. Jimmy balogun

    Oluwatoyin salau. I know you will go places, God bless your huddles dear, its a new dawn for you my assistant class rep. The one and only yellowsisi.

  9. Egun Nla

    I am proud of you, what you are doing and what you are becoming. Never doubted you, your skills/potential and your passion for a Sec

  10. Akintola Biodun aka kerewa

    Without any doubt, you are the bee’s knees respecting broadcasting industry. Always don’t be oblivious of the fact that the sky’s the limit. We your fans are patiently looking forward to seeing you reach the dizzy heights of your career. And so shall it be !

  11. Braim

    Her knowledge of music industry nobi here ooo. Her voice, you can’t but fall in love with. Been a fan since inspiration fm days. The yellow lady in a black skin. The sky is just a starting place, well done ma.

  12. Abimbola

    More grace to the bold and courageous one, simple as she looks, but strong in herself. I have always listened to her programmes on Instagram, and have loved every. Sweet intonation, soothing voice, succulent and palatable, day to day, simple and conventional English, with which she delivers her message to the general public and the hearing of the people. You limit is beyond the sky. I salute you Miss.
    Brava !!

  13. Faith

    Congratulations dear. I wish u d very best my friend.

  14. Debo (aka Fatro)

    I strongly believe that this is just the beginning of a glorious career. Keep the spirit very high, stay true to this dream of yours and never lose focus not even for a millisecond.

  15. Toro

    I’m very sure that your passion and resilence will definitely make you among topmost presenter in the world. Keep it up our dear Yellosis.

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