‘It started as a joke when my uncle took me to studio to record my first song. In fact I remember the producer was asking for my stage name and I was like ‘Let me go home to think about that’ – Zimbiat

If there’s one little thing about the American music scene that I am in love with, it’s the fact that there are a bunch of platforms for several young or relatively unknown artistes to get opportunities to be heard and compete. One needs to watch the American music awards to notice quite a number of unknown artistes to the general public competing for honours, that is what a progressive music industry anywhere in the world should be like. I could tell you that here in Nigeria; there are numerous talented performers that are not having a fair opportunity to be heard compared to those paying their way out. One of these creative talents is Zimbiat. With her voice and her trusty guitar, she always delivers. Like those musicians that play the piano to wake you up to sweet music at the lounge of a hotel, like those music bands that open shows at most comedy shows in Nigeria, you don’t need to know their names but their performances and talent surpasses some of your known pop artistes. Don’t tell me you have never experienced the performances of some of those bands. If you haven’t you are missing out on one of the best aspects of comedy shows I always look forward to. Such is the feeling I get when Zimbiat performs.

Zimbiat / Mystreetz Magazine

Zimbiat / Mystreetz Magazine

As of now, you seems to be the queen of covers, tell us about some of most impressive covers you have done and the reaction you got when you met the artistes that own the songs?

‘Lol I don’t have any because the covers have been successful and I wouldn’t do a cover if I don’t love the original song. I’m glad the artistes that own them find the covers really impressive including my loving sweet fans. Kiss Daniel was my very good friend even before meeting him in person and when we met finally. I can remember it was at an event and he asked if I had the cover with me that night then he asked us to perform it together, so I must say it was an unforgettable night for me. And when I met Mayorkun too we had already chatted and he was so humble so when we met, he was like ‘You are the ZIMBIAT?’ I’m grateful to them for their humility and support.

Musically, tell us about your journey thus far?

Well it has been wonderful and it is the grace of God ‘cos each time I drop my songs; I get responses beyond my expectation. It started as a joke when my uncle took me to studio to record my first song. In fact I remember the producer was asking for my stage name and I was like ‘Let me go home to think about that’. For example, I have no visual out there for my fans but I feel and see the love like I have one. The journey hasn’t been smooth but it has been filled with grace.

Zimbiat / Mystreetz Magazine

Zimbiat / Mystreetz Magazine

Have you produced some of your own songs?
Yes sure. I have produced lots of songs but released few like ‘I WISH’, ‘JANGILOVA’, ‘SEASON’, etc.

Tell us as much as you can tell us about yourself?

My name is ADEPOJU SIMBIAT TOSIN aka ZIMBIAT. I’m a 400 level student of Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta studying Nutrition and Dietetics. I am basically a music lover and I don’t like fashion trends but instead I make mine out of it. I like to be who I am and I like to be unpredictable [so watch out…lol]. I enjoy hanging out with goal setters.

What are your aspirations and dream collaborations?

To become a legend of my sound; I would love to have songs with ASA, Cohbams, TU FACE and Wizkid.

On a more personal note, describe your dream man and best hangout places.

He has to be God fearing, very understanding, a dream chaser, caring, and accommodating. My best hangout places are the cinemas and any musical gathering.

What’s one thing that sucks about the industry?

Looking down on upcoming artistes and no big female artiste owning a record label. However, female artistes in the industry don’t support each other. That I will love to change.

If you are going to be a groupie for any artiste in the world, who will it be?


What is your advice for any upcoming artiste out there?

Believe in GOD, yourself and your hustle.

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