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I must have been asleep for a few minutes then I heard his soft calming voice, I felt his lips on my forehead, he then kissed my lips like one who just set foot on a new island gently at the same time playing with my hard nipples. He kissed my neck and his fingers played with my lips, I held on to him so tight as he drowned me in ecstasy. It felt like our souls moved to the rhythm of the moment and whatever he whispered wasn’t audible and I asked him to take me, have me right now Dipo and then my phone rang….


It was a calm evening, and I went to the park to chill where I ran into Christina – an old-time friend of mine from way back. We had not seen in two years and she started telling me about God and I stopped her. I’m not about believing in the God thing. If there’s God, why then do good people die? Why do people suffer and starve? Why do people lose their homes and families to wars and pestilence? Why are there children without parents? Please don’t give me any crap about God – your pastors all have private jets and 80% of their members are suffering. Pastors are going after journalists who are exposing their wrongdoings. Where was your God when I lost my Father? My father loved the church so much – that place was like oxygen to him, but that never saved him. So tell me why I should believe in a God that allows his children to suffer?

After everything I said, Christina just smiled at me and said, “Search your heart deeply now and think of one thing that has never worked for you in life, something you feel every other person has and you envy, something you yearn for every day of your life”. I did, and she said, “Pray to God and say after me. Oh Lord, if truly heaven rejoices over one sinner that repenteth more than ninety-nine just persons, open my eyes, open my heart and Grant my heart desires and I shall never depart from your word”. Just so that I could go back home early, I mumbled all. As Christina left, I laughed. I couldn’t wait to see how her God would perform any miracle in my life. I was better off living as I am now than hoping something extraordinary would happen.

As I walked back to my estate, it started raining heavily. So I stopped at a church to take shelter. Worshippers were there of course. I saw one lady walking in with her head held high and I thought this must be one of those proud members who judged every other person. I looked at her and hissed as she walked into the church. As more people walked in and out, I painted scenarios of how they would be in my head and I laughed. I was getting tired of waiting then he walked up to me and then I heard the sweetest voice and saw the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen and heard from a guy. His hands stretched out for a handshake and he said, “Hello, I’m Dipo.”

For a moment I was dazed as I shook him and felt his soft palm. I only wished he would kiss, tease, caress and ravage me on the floor right there and then but I had to remind myself that cute guys like these probably came to church to get women to bed because they had the looks, height, and charms. “I’m Amuma ” I replied. “Do you attend this church? I’m new in the neighborhood and I thought I should worship here since it’s close to my home” he said. I replied, “It’s my first time here too. But I’m not a Christian, I’m just waiting for the rain”. He smiled and said “I have Muslim friends whom I’ve invited to church, we could go in together. There’s always a first time for everything”.

“Dipo, I’m not a Muslim either”. He put his finger on his lips and said “shush. Don’t let anyone hear you”. I almost licked his finger in my head. Then he said, “If you come into the church with me, I promise I’ll drive you home even if it’s not raining, it won’t take long I promise”. I agreed, thinking about the free ride and a cute new friend in the estate. The preaching was about love and giving and I didn’t listen much because it was a means pastors use to get money out of church members. After church, He drove me home; we exchanged contact and became friends. When I was bored and had nothing to do, I’d go visit him and sometimes watch him read his Bible.

Sometimes he would read his Bible to me and while he did I would admire him from the depth of his eyes to the gentle expressions of his voice. He was handsome and had this gaze that made my thighs weak. I loved the way his voice quickened when he was in awe of something new he just read. After a while, we started dating and it was beautiful, all I wanted was to give him my heart and watch my body lose its senses under him.

I would wear light dresses to seduce him and I enjoyed how he would look at me and swallow hard and then pretend he had to go out to get drinks for us. Sometimes I’d spend nights with him hoping we would share the same bed and finally have sex but it never happened. The most he would do was kiss my forehead. At some point, I started thinking his manhood wasn’t working. I decided I was going to make a move since he was slow. I got sexy lingerie and I played it out in my head how I was going to seduce, kiss and ride on him till I passed out. Everything was playing in my imagination just fine when my phone rang and it was Dipo. “Hey dear. Something came up and I’ll be traveling from work”. I almost slammed my phone to the ground.

I almost slammed my phone to the ground. Two days passed and I didn’t hear from him. I couldn’t think straight, I was mad, I was sad; I got tired of dialing his number. I got drunk, as it was a Friday. I needed to get him off my head, I must have been asleep for a few minutes then I heard his soft calming voice, I felt his lips on my forehead, he then kissed my lips like one who just set foot on a new island gently at the same time playing with my hard nipples. He kissed my neck and his fingers played with my lips, I held on to him so tight as he drowned me in ecstasy.

It felt like our souls moved to the rhythm of the moment and whatever he whispered wasn’t audible and I asked him to take me, have me right now Dipo and then my phone rang. It was a dream. Even in my dream, he was tormenting me. I hated what was happening to me. My phone rang again and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it was he. I quickly picked up and said we didn’t talk for two minutes when I heard a lady’s voice in the background and he hung up. Was he married? Was he engaged? What was happening?

The next day he called and I picked up only to hear a lady’s voice. I thought in my head this was it but to my surprise, I heard Dipo asking for his phone in the background. I tried so hard to hear what was being in the background but I couldn’t hear much. “I’m sorry Amuma”. Dipo said. That was my chatterbox cousin.” For the first time since he traveled we talked for a long while and he told me he had missed me. This got me grinning from ear to ear like a little girl who just got her favorite candy. He had traveled because of his father who was sick, and he was his father’s favorite. He said he’d be back in a month or two, as he had to handle his father’s business interests.

From then on, he called every day. We talked about everything. We talked about the past, the future. We gave each other work ideas and it started. Do you know that saying that when it’s too good and easy it never lasts? Dipo’s chatterbox cousin died while in labor. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. He broke down and everything started falling apart. I tried everything to cheer him up and it was hard especially because we were miles apart. I called him one evening to tell him about my aunt who just gave birth and he snapped. “Are you mocking me Amuma? You don’t even believe in God yet things work well for you. I pay my tithe and I do right by the bible yet my father is sick and my cousin and her baby are dead” and with that, he hung up.

I tried calling but his number was switched off. I was getting sick and tired of everything. I didn’t know what to do. I went to the park and saw Christina and I poured out my heart to her. She smiled. “Have you prayed?” she asked. “Are you sick in the head or something? I don’t even know how”. She smiled again and said, “Just pour out your heart”. On my way home Dipo drove past me and reversed. We went to his house together in silence. “I got back yesterday Amuma and I’m sorry I didn’t call you. I haven’t been in the best of shape.” I hugged him and we kissed passionately. He bit my neck, unhooked my bra and bit my neck, in seconds he was fondling my breasts and nibbling on my nipples. It was everything I always dreamed of.

I did the most unbelievable thing ever. I stopped him and he seemed shocked. I wore my bra and he watched it. It was a Wednesday and I asked that we attend the Wednesday service. I watched him cry and pray in church and my heart melted. I had done the right thing because at this point he needed more than sex to feel good and as much as I would have loved it, I felt good that I led him to church instead of my wet dripping thighs. I poured out my heart as Christina had told me to and it didn’t feel strange. I felt this huge burden lifted off my shoulders. Our bond grew even stronger. We became like two peas in a pod.

I decided it was time to know if this man had it good in his sack, I didn’t over plan, I just went with the flow, as he got back from work that day I welcomed him with my lips on his. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock, I gave it warm kisses and watched it get longer and harder, his groan felt like music to my ears. I walked him to the bathroom and stroked his dick with my hands continuously. I didn’t take off my clothing. He wanted me to but I said no and asked him to shower first, I loved how much I was teasing him. In the few minutes he was out, he rushed to me, kissing me and taking off my dress. I felt like we were one when he carried me to the kitchen, I asked him to eat first and he said the only food my body wants is you Amuma. With that, he lifted me on the table, opened my legs wide and ate my Pussy like it was the most delicious meal in the world. I moaned and begged him not to stop and he stopped, kissed my lips so hard, bit my nipples and dug two fingers into my wet Pussy. He took his mouth back to my pussy and pleasured me till I convulsed in orgasms.

He lifted me on his shoulders like a hunter who caught the biggest game, we got to the bedroom and lay me on the bed and had my legs spread out like bread waiting to be covered in butter. Then I felt his hard cock thrusting in and out of my pussy and I moved my hips matching his energy. I felt like I was about to burst wide open, this was beyond sexual pleasure, it felt like bliss and I didn’t want it to end and I came again. I was tired but I didn’t care. I got on top of him and I felt strength from nowhere, I felt In charge, I put his cock in my pussy and it felt like they were made for each other and I rode till we both came. It was beautiful, it was more than I had expected, had no idea it would be this amazing. I hope you know we’ll have to save the rest of this for our wedding day he said and we both laughed.

I was grateful to Christina. I tried her number to share the good news but It wasn’t connecting. I decided to visit her. I was feeling excited. I was going to tell her that the day she asked me to search my heart and ask for something, I asked for love. My love life had always been a mess but now I had a man of my own. I got to her house and I met her brother. I introduced myself and told him I was there to see Christina. And he gave me the shocker of life.

“Christina has been dead for over a year now,” he said.

Story by Caroline Eligbue


Instagram – @cyrabrasky

Edited and Published by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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