I’ve always had a passion for modeling since I was a child. Growing up I wished I was taller, never had any issues with my size’ – Adebimpe

By the time you are done reading this piece, you would have concluded that all it takes in life to be successful; apart from having a big dream, is having the right people around you that make you witty, thoughtful and make you feel like what you want to become. Most importantly, they drive you to take every opportunity that comes your way. The story of Bimpe is an evolving one that has made her young modeling and acting career to be full of prospects and if things continue to move at the speed it is now, she might become one to reckon with in the nearest future.


Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

“My name is Oyebade Adebimpe, I am a 22-year-old graduate of English from Ekiti state University, Ado Ekiti. I’m presently serving my country in Edo state, Benin to be precise. I’m a model and an actress. So far the journey has been good, thank God. I’ve worked with great brands, stylists, photographers, magazines, makeup artists, hair extension companies, fashion designers, featured in many prints, bills and advert campaigns to mention a few.

I’m the new ambassador for Zirock’s entertainment in Lagos state, House of Royalty, models, Digest magazine, and I’m presently the face of Mobe’s clothing. I’ve always had a passion for modeling since I was a child. Growing up I wished I was taller, never had any issues with my size. When I started modeling officially (February 2016), at first it wasn’t so easy but luckily for me, I got signed to an agency (GnG models) almost immediately.

It took a lot of hard work and effort to get to work with professionals but thank God for His Grace I’ve achieved a lot in less than a year and still hoping and working towards achieving more. I’ve not had time to model like I’d love to as I got posted by NYSC to Edo state just less than 2 months after I started, it hasn’t been easy combining that with my career. I’ve missed several opportunities as a result of that but I believe there are greater ones ahead.

Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

“Started my acting career recently (December 2016), before now I couldn’t have imagined myself featuring in a movie. The acting was never really my thing because I’m a bit of a shy person and I didn’t know I have such talent in me. Modeling is a lot different from acting, I was in Benin one evening and I got a BC from one of the modeling WhatsApp group chats that models were needed to attend an audition of a movie titled ‘Crossroad’ for a particular role (lead role). It stated in the text message that the producer needed a dark skinned girl for the role.

A fair friend from the same group chatted me up and advised me to go for it, I told her I was in Benin and there was no way. A few weeks later, I got another text message stating that people should start auditioning online, meaning you have to send your pictures, details, one-minute crying video and one-minute soliloquy video to a particular email address (the producer’s). Another friend of mine advised I try my luck, I decided to make the videos, had fun while at it though but to be honest I didn’t take it seriously until I got a text message a week after via an email that I was picked for the role!

I thought it was a joke until I later met with the producer and some other crewmembers. I’m glad I was part of the project and still grateful to the producer (Mr yomi Fabiyi) for believing in me so much and allowing me to play such a challenging role alongside Nollywood stars like Toyin Aimakhu, Gabriel Afolayan, Sola Kosoko, Kemi Afolabi, Debbie Shokoya, Yomi Fabiyi himself and many more.”

Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

What are the similarities between modeling and acting?

There are few similarities between the modeling and acting industry as both are still categorized under the entertainment industry. I enjoy everything about modeling, it’s part of me. I don’t get tired of taking pictures, the only time I don’t worry about every other thing is when I’m in front of the camera and acting has become a part of me as well. The experience I had during the location of #crossroadthemovie is a lifetime one. I had series of challenges, had bruises, sleepless nights, but I enjoyed every bit of it and I intend to start fully with my acting career when my debut (#crossroadthemovie) is out by February.


Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

Adebimpe Oyebade / Mystreetz Magazine

The thing about the modeling world you don’t like?

The main challenge in the modeling industry is that models are not treated right. We are relatively important to be treated less, it’s high time the society realized that models should be respected. We play major roles ensuring the development and publicity of these brands, looking beautiful for the camera just to promote these brands and at the end of the day, some will even act like we’re getting favors from them. We pray and hope that things get better in 2017. To aspiring models out there, please never give up on your dreams for anything in the world. There’s more to the modeling world than meets the eye. The opportunities are endless.


Sesan Adeniji

Culled from Mystreetz Magazine


  1. Mercy Omobolanle Oyebade(hon,chf,olori)

    Darling baby of the house,am so happy for you.You have never disappointed me a single day! So amazing & a go-getter.I pray for you this day that my God who has brought you far will complete His wonderful work in your life.God girl…..bcs the sky is your starting point:with God by your side.

  2. Ayodele

    Beautiful and intelligent girl. The sky is your beginning. I wish you well as you trudge on!

  3. Tayo Olauyi

    Bimpe has shown dexterity in things relating to arts, culture and publicity right from her teen. I am not surprised she’s making a wave in modeling and acting. I trust she’s going places if she keeps up building her capacity.

  4. Ola-Oyewole Jumoke Oso

    Adebimpe is a talented young lady. She has a passion for what she does. I have no doubt within me that this intelligent budding star will succeed in whatever she lays her hands on. Ride on girl! The Sky will acknowledge your rising!!

  5. Mercy Omobolanle Oyebade(hon,chf,olori)

    Baby of the house,thank God for you,you’ve always done us proud in everything you do including your studies.A goal-getter,humble and focussed,I pray God will perfect His will concerning your ambition nd career.Go girl…….with God by your side,the sky is your starting point!

  6. Adebukola Oyebade Oboro

    Adebimpe is simply the most aspiring person I know….caring and humble. Am so proud of you girl and I pray that God will continue to take you higher and higher in Jesus Name. Myself and my husband and the girls love you so much!!! Good luck darling.

  7. Funke Tunde-Oso

    She is beautiful and intelligent.Continue to fly high.

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