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Burna Boy – The Rare Breed

Burna Boy – The Rare Breed

Going by past history, we have had so many Nigerian music super stars credited till date with extra-ordinary feat but still, some of them have sprinkles and trappings of previous iconic stars on them which is great but the legend of Burna Boy reads differently. So unique, someday the world will further research about his career as a thesis needed for generations to come.

Words By Sesan Adeniji

If you are an historian, digging deep into the phenomenal story of Tu Baba with reference to the entire music industry, you will be stunned to realize that he’s an outstanding upgraded vocal powerhouse version of Daddy Fresh. The likes of D’banj evokes Durella’s earlier memories. Likewise with our Iconic ‘Local’ rappers, they often reminded us of all the lyricists that preceded them. But then came the distinctive Burna’s brand, and arguably, there seems to be no similar breed before him; maybe there will be none after him.

Bearing in mind Burna’s musical style from the get go, the nuances in his sound composition – a blend of highlife, Afrobeat and Pop mashed up often in language intertwined comprising of Pidgin English and Yoruba language street lingos, which then produces melodic undertone of Apala, fuji, pop and Reggae like we have never before heard. There is so much to love about Burna Boy contrasting sound. He’s one of a kind.

From Ye, Gbona , Soke, Killin Dem, On The Low , Dangote , Sekkle Down , YawaDey. Won Da Mo, Run My Race, Heaven Gate, Miss You Bad, Pree Me to name but a few, Burna Boy continue to run his own race dropping songs in patois that blur the lines of language, gender and continental barriers in rhythmic precision that defies logic – extremely special. His content in terms of linguistic and musical composition is so local but yet world class. Burna Boy is a rare breed.




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