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Can Andrella become the real deal in the modeling industry?

Can Andrella become the real deal in the modeling industry?

I have never received these much resounding yes like the one I got with this question. In an industry where deep-rooted rivalry characterize colleagues and foes in the student-modeling orbit, this young model is well respected and seen as one growing towards becoming the real deal in the modeling industry. Her passion can’t be questioned; her desire for teamwork, achieving result and acquiring knowledge are faultless. With statistics that reads waist-23, hips-33 and height- 5”11, although new in the industry, but with the rate she’s being touted, no one will be surprise to see Agbatutu Ogheneyoma Andrella cover vogue magazine as the face for biggest brands in coming years.

L-R( Andrella and Kira )

“My desire to become a model developed from childhood. As at 8 years old, I
remember walking up to mummy asking “mummy how would you feel to be the
mother of a superstar “a super model”. Growing older, my urge for the profession increased as I watch fashion shows on TV, admiring models on billboards and magazines; but then I didn’t know how to go about it until I got into the university, where a very good friend of mine, Iyamu Victor introduced me to the CEO, Gemian model management.

Professionally, my career began in 2018. I attended Gemian model academy
and got scouted at the end of the academy. Although, not enough support
came from family, but then I’ve got friends who are ever ready to cheer me
up. The first pair of shoes I got, I had to use my allowance for that month
because daddy would not even listen to anything concerning modeling. I
endured because modeling, to me, is not just, as people call it, a hobby.
Its my passion, my interest, its the one thing I do that brings me so much
pleasure and leaves me ignoring the tough times that come with it.

After being scouted, I attended castings for fashion shows and was privileged to work for Le physique fashion show 2018. I’ve also worked with brands like Emmanuel kings, Humphrey Ominisan and Bereal Photography. I’m looking forward to walking for Lagos fashion week, African fashion week, GT fashion weekend, and brands like orange culture, the FIA factory, Andrea Iyamah, Image Faculty, and Rhema hot. I’m a year one student at university of Benin; I hail from ughelli-north local government area, Delta state and I love the art of modeling.



51 comments on “Can Andrella become the real deal in the modeling industry?”

  1. Inem

    My girl🤗🙌👏

  2. Agbatutu Ella

    Thank you very much sir Sesan. I’m honored to be featured on your page. Big ups.

    • Tutu oghenetega

      I totally agree with this …she is great and hardworking !!!….💪🏽💪🏽Grind on and shine

  3. Oghenetega

    I totally agree with this !!!!she is great and hardworking ….can’t wait to see her go places !!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💃🏼💃🏼

  4. Big Daddy

    You go girl, I’ve always known you’ll go places, keep shining, we’ve go your back.

  5. Oghenetega

    I totally agree with this !!!!she is great and hardworking ….can’t wait to see her go places !!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💃🏼💃🏼….the sky is your stepping stone …..

  6. Ifunanya

    yes I believe Andrella she can be more than a real deal in the modelling industry

  7. Monica

    I believe in you baby girl😊

  8. Idjenughwa Ruona

    Anderella Agbatutu Ogeneyoma is a phenomenon. She’s got it all, style and elegance.She is OBVIOUSLY becoming a big shot in the modelling industry.

    Go girl❣️

  9. Lohis Aruya

    That’s My Girl. Thanks MyStreetz

  10. Agbatutu oghenetega

    I totally agree with this ….she is great and hard working …..the sky is your stepping stone dear …Grind on and shine 💃🏼💪🏽

  11. Aj

    Go and shine girl I got u much love from a sister n friend

  12. Deborah

    Andrella surely has what it takes to be the next big thing in the modelling industry. Just keep working towards it and Dont let anybody say u can’t

  13. Fejiro

    Go gal!!!! you’re d best

  14. Unknown

    Wonderful…I’m impressed

  15. Dessywayz

    Blast. This girl, will blow. Nor forget that I use to know before o

  16. Endurance Eboigbodin

    Ella all d way

  17. ogechi

    go girl 💖💖

  18. Daniel

    sure.. I believe in her

  19. Daniel Ehi

    sure… i believe in her

  20. Teddy

    Yea… Very well… She sure can handle it😘😍

  21. Rex

    Nice one baby girl
    Soar higher ❣️❣️

  22. Silver Monte

    Trust me she’s sm1 yall nid to look out to look out for…i see u shining babe

  23. Teddy

    I believe in u Bby… Go girl… Greater heights to attain😘💞👌👍

  24. Agbatutu Ella

    I’m very grateful to everyone for believing in me. I’m going to make everyone of you proud. 💪✨❤

  25. Police Blessing

    Love u baby ❤️❤️❤️ And I give u a quadrillion yes👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  26. Annemerz__

    Go girl😍
    Ann loves u❤❤❤

  27. Oghenefejiro Daniel

    I just became friends with Andrella, and one thing is certain : She puts so much soul into everything….. It wouldn’t be a shocker if she walks the runway for the New York fashion week someday….. She’s already a big deal, she’s gotta get it bigger

  28. Divine

    of course my baby can and she would

  29. Walter

    sure Andrella dear can do it 100%

  30. Walter

    Sure Andrella can do it 100%

  31. Annunciata

    Go girl!!!……we gat ur back😉😁

  32. Walter

    yes Andrella can do it for sure 100%

  33. Bella

    My Girl , am ready to be your manager ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  34. Angel Jerry

    Sure thing…. Shine on girl A

  35. Darlington Fejiro

    Go babe you can do it
    Shine bright like a Diamond

  36. Damba Israel

    Yes she can. Take it from me, dont ask this question again!

  37. Bella

    The world isn’t ready for yoma. She is beauty personified. A girl with a good heart and a bright soul. I see her going places and achieving far beyond our expectations. 👑

  38. Ivie okuns

    Go baby girl. You’re such a blessing to the modelling world. The world isn’t ready for such greatness. Shine on baby

  39. anike adaeze

    Go girl😉
    U inspired me into modelling
    i believe u can

  40. Joey

    Not your regular model…😘😙

  41. Kaitlyn

    I believe in u baby girl
    Its nice u took the bold step to become what u really want to be.
    I wish I had the courage like u when I first had the passion for modelling
    Shine on girl
    We support u fully. 🤗🤗

  42. Nzelu Chidiebere Jennifer

    Andrella I got ur back baby.. Keep pushing.. Love u to the moon babe 😘😘

  43. Preye

    Keep shining babe…I know u can do dis..I believe in u..U are just perfect for dis🙌🙌

  44. Ola.dozie

    You already are the real deal, your face is a face that will be highly demanded, I admire your passion as we share the same passion. Keep doing you, by God’s grace we’re soaring beyond the top!!! Cheeeeee!!!!!! ✨✨✨

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