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Fresh off the oven, in celebration of the forthcoming valentine season, Chidinma is ahead of her colleagues with the release of the single titled ‘Love Me’. But seriously, what’s not to be loved about Chidinma? The answer to that question could be found in the way the legions of her fans respond to her every post on social media, especially on her Instagram page. Arguably, in the Nigerian entertainment scene, hardly can one find a diva that receives so much love on her page like this young lady. When she post an image, within ten minutes, the likes reads in figures of over twenty thousand. So her asking the question with this new single ‘Love Me’, will only make all of us #loveyou more.

In the song ‘Love Me’, Chidinma professes the depth of her love in totality. She follows the profession with a request to be loved in return, “Love me like you’ve never loved anyone”, she sings. The song is so heartfelt that Chidinma interchanges English and her native Igbo, to ensure her message is felt and understood.

Produced by Oscar, Love Me is a mid-tempo song that incorporates contemporary Igbo string and percussion sounds. It is made for anyone that has ever found joy and love in the eyes of another. When I ask her what inspires the song, she replied ‘The song is just I singing about how much I’m in love, how wonderful it feels to be loved and to also celebrate the coming season of love. As you Snow, I’m an advocate of love’.

-Sesan Adeniji

2 comments on “CHIDINMA SINGS ‘LOVE ME’”

  1. Phynonens

    Man like boss Sesan #mystreetzmag

  2. Christiana Chinenye

    Flawless beauty from within, that’s who Chidinma is

    Her voice flows freely from her stomach; she got a good voice.

    I love her because she always be herself not trying to be someone else.

    Kudos to the editor for this writeup

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