‘…my colleagues would point it out to me by saying “you need to watch
your thighs.” One of them even called me fat once backstage.
So I took the criticism and advice to the gym because truth be told, it
wasn’t all pleasant” – @diodafitness


Chinenye Ulaegbu / Mystreetz Magazine

The #metoo movement has galvanized millions of females all over the world
to standup to be counted. They are marching in millions not just against
males that want to take advantage of their gender but they’re also in it to
fight for disparity in the payment structure that have had females at a
disadvantage, the right to be happy, successful and be respected. All over
the world today, females are running for governmental position at various
grassroots levels so as to be part of the conversation where the changes
will start.

Others are engaging in series of activities to empower others. One of those
hardworking females in this part of the world is Chinenye Ulaegbu. She’s
one of the best fitness models and coaches from Nigeria. Based in Enugu,
she’s positively impacting various lives in her society like never before
seen. As a model that once struggled to make ends meet, Chinenye switched
up her game, worked on herself; became a fitness model with huge
followership, got movie roles in some topnotch Nollywood films and now also
has her own brand of sport wears. This lady is motivating herself to become
one of the best her generation has ever seen.

Let’s meet you!

Chinenye Ulaegbu / Mystreetz Magazine

My name is Chinenye Ulaegbu CEO diodafitness, I’m a model, fitness coach and
an actress. I’ve been a model long before I became a fitness coach but now
it’s looking like fitness is my life; well I can’t say I blame anyone; let
me tell you how it all started.

The Journey!

Chinenye Ulaegbu / Mystreetz Magazine

I started modeling in 2012 when I joined an agency in Enugu called Ice
Stone. I did a couple of shoots for magazines, websites and calendars. I
also appeared in some music videos as a model and a couple of runway shows.
I wanted to do more of commercials but the jobs weren’t forthcoming so I
left the agency and became a freelancer in 2014.

That was when life became harder, I wasn’t getting jobs, even ushering jobs
were hard to find. I started adding weight, most especially on my thighs.
My legs became too big for runway and I was slowly going from a size 6 to a
size 9. My colleagues would point it out to me by saying “you need to watch
your thighs.” One of them even called me fat once backstage.

So I took the criticism and advice to the gym because truth be told it
wasn’t all pleasant. My thighs were all over the place; I had flabs and
cellulites on them. I started working out in 2014 at the Golden Royal Gym,
Enugu. I concentrated on my legs and abs and I added swimming to it.

The Trainers were helpful and I got the results I wanted and fast, so I
became a regular gym goer but never consistent. In the same year 2014 I got
introduced to a movie producer by a close friend which led to my first
films, Stone of Justice and Asa Wawa. That was how I entered the world of

I did the Stone of Justice in 2014 and Asa Wawa in 2015. After the two
films I didn’t think I was cut out for Nollywood until the movie started
airing on African Magic in 2016. I watched it a few times and I thought I
did fairly well in it but I knew I needed to work on my act. To be sincere
I became consistent about my fitness lifestyle in 2016 at the Liberty
Centre Gym. I went every evening after lectures.

I started paying attention to the routines and diet, I was curious to know what
programme works fast and how many reps I needed to get the fast results. I
experimented on my body and I coached my friends as well. Wow it was working
like magic, a simple diet and a customized workout routine; that was all it

Along the line a friend of mine Eddie Madarki advised that I get a fitness
account on Instagram and that was how my career as a fitness coach began. I
started giving free coaching to girls online, free tips and videos to
anyone willing to take them. In 2017 I called out for my first official
challenge and I was shocked to see a lot of people respond, I’ve trained
hundreds of girls with amazing testimonies.

My sport wear brand!

I recently launched my sports brand (ace cap and sportswear).

The quest for more!

I found myself in fitness, I found a reason to work hard and make some
changes in my life, I made the decision to do everything I enjoyed doing as
a kid, so I went to a film school to improve my acting skills, started
modeling again but not just modeling – fitness modeling. I recently
landed a 3 year contract for a TV commercial and billboard for Favhair. I
played lead in two Igbo films last year namely Onuma and Nkem, one of it
could be nominated for AMVCA.

My academic career!

I’m a graduate of SAF (Screen Academy and Films) a coach and a fitness
model. I must say; it hasn’t been easy, it was hard for me to finally feel
like I’m making an impact in the world, I finally feel like my life has a
meaning. I got here with God, hard work, consistency, dedication, family
and the mentorship of some of my friends.


The only challenge I face now is looking for the best and fastest way to
deliver, because I’m a sole proprietor, I tend to do everything myself. I
take all the decisions alone and sometimes I don’t make the best of it.
Having a sponsor or a mentor would make life easier for me I presume.

Aside that; I’m doing just fine and I intend to keep looking for new ways
to build my brand because it’s my dream to be the best sports brand in the
whole of Africa. Being a multiple AMVCA award winner and the best fitness
model in Nigeria wouldn’t be a bad idea and I intend to do so as well. I
can and I will.

– Sesan Adeniji



  1. smalls

    inspirational, Amma hit da gym in Abit lol

  2. Tjay

    I watched her in pregnant virgin and ever since then i cant love her less.

  3. Ishaya Joseph

    She’s strong and beatiful


    I can mentor her if shes truly serious about her biz.

  5. Akowe

    Look so beautiful and stunning 😍😍

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