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Conjugal bliss threatened

Conjugal bliss threatened

The sex was super explosive. His lips all over my body always made
my knees shiver. And his lips coming on the lips in between my thighs
always took me to orgasm kingdom. On some mornings he would wake me up with his warm tongue in my pussy. He would part my legs like the red sea; take a
long gaze at my dripping wet snail before thrusting his dick in. And the
next hour was always filled with my loud moaning sounds and his soft groan


We had just returned from counselling with the Pastor and I couldn’t wait
to get into the journey people call marriage. The pastor talked about so
many things and as life’s student that I was I took down notes. It was
bedtime and Kunle walked out of the bathroom and he looked so sexy, I got
up kissed him and said “I love you baby.” He laughed; “No sex till our
wedding night remember?” I was sad so he kissed me. We said our prayers and
he tucked me in bed.

I got thinking about when I used to know him as a womanizer and a fuck boy
sent from the pit of hell to destroy girls but we became friends and later
lovers and he changed. I used to call him a Yoruba demon but now I called
him my Yoruba Angel. I’ll never forget how he stood by me and made sure I
achieved my dreams. I remember when I used to pray for the day he’ll see me
as more and take me out of the friend /sister zone. I remember the first
time I asked him for a massage and when he was done I purposely made sure
my towel fell and I bit my lips as I expected he would take a cue and make
good love to me but he picked up my towel and laughed at my tummy. That was
the day I lost hope about him and started going to the gym. The gym made us
get closer but I knew my boundaries now. But it got frustrating to be with
someone you love and I decided to tell him.

“Kunle I can no longer be a friend with you because I’m in love with you.
I’ve been fighting how I feel but I can’t do it anymore,” I said.

He looked into my eyes like it was the first time he noticed I had eyes.
“You’re so beautiful and innocent and every day I hold myself not to kiss
you because I’m not right for you. I can stay anywhere but not in love.
I’ve always wanted to ask you to be mine but it would kill me if I hurt
you. You’ve stood by me and advised me even when I didn’t ask for it.
You’re naive and sweet and innocent and that’s why I always wanna be around
you. It scares me because I don’t ever wanna hurt you Nkechi,” He said.

I was in tears because I had no idea he liked me that much. That’s how we
started. The sex was super explosive. His lips all over my body always made
my knees shiver. And his lips coming on the lips in between my thighs
always took me to orgasm kingdom. On some mornings he would wake me up with his warm tongue in my pussy. He would part my legs like the red sea; take a
long gaze at my dripping wet snail before thrusting his dick in. And the
next hour was always filled with my loud moaning sounds and his soft groan.
Most times it ended with us cumming together and other times it ended with
me asking for more and he would give me with all pleasure. That was one
miracle I kept thanking God for.

The preparations for the traditional marriage kicked off the next week and
my mum shouted out orders to everyone. “it’s going to be my big day, my
meeting members will be around and I want to show off so you all should
make sure nothing goes wrong. ” And I wondered if she understood that it
was my big day also, my mother though. My makeup artist did a great job; I
looked so amazing in my traditional attire. I was still admiring myself
when a child came in and said “Aunty your husband and his people have

I couldn’t wait to go and meet him, couldn’t wait for my bride price to be
paid. Then I got scared, what if something happens? What if it rains? What
if I missed a step and fell while I was about to give him palm wine? I had
to get my head right so I prayed. Afterwards I told my friends to excuse me
and went downstairs.

I saw someone that looked like Kunle walk into the boys’ quarters and out
of curiosity I went outside. I saw my cousin Pearl walk into the boys’
quarters, she didn’t notice me. I wanted to go back into the house but I
changed my mind, I went into the boy’s quarters hoping I could steal a Kiss
from Kunle. I got in and heard them talking so I hid and listened. Then
Pearl said “Kunle let’s just have sex one more time and you’ll give me the
5,000$ you promised but you’ll add more because having a daughter my cousin
didn’t know about is too big a secret for 5,000$.”

And I thought, what kind of world was I living in? Pearl was my favourite
cousin, we were so close and I told her everything. Then Kunle said, “Why
are you so mean Pearl? She’s your sister and the only reason we had sex the
other day was because I was drunk and you seduced me. What else do you
want, I always give you money and I’ve been good to you. I love your sister
and she’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t know how you
found out about my daughter but it’s none of your business and I’ll tell
your sister when it’s right.”

“You cheated on her that’s how you got a child and I’m not playing with you
Kunle,” Pearl shouted back.

Then I heard Kunle say, “Get your filthy hands off me, what if someone
walks in? How would your cousin feel if she hears? Don’t you have a heart?
I have nothing else to say to you Pearl, I love your sister and we’re never
having sex, I have my wedding to attend” and with that he left.

I waited till I was sure Pearl was out so I left, my best friend Onyinye
saw me crying and was shocked, before she asked I explained everything to
her. “Do you still love him?” she asked and I replied “Of course I still
love him, but I’m hurt. I can’t go on with the marriage.”

“Shut up. You love him and that’s what matters. We know who the enemy is
and we won’t let her win. Kunle loves you, if he doesn’t he’d have had sex
with her so please don’t ruin this lovely make up darling,” Onyinye said.
And that was enough to put a smile on my face.

The traditional marriage went on well and I pretended like nothing happened
that I even believed nothing happened. Saturday was for weddings and today
was mine, it was almost 10 and we were all ready for church. I noticed
Onyinye kept laughing at her phone and looking at me. I was curious so I
checked and saw a video of Pearl; she was locked in the store house. “Why
would you lock her up Onyinye? It’s mean.”

“It wasn’t me, I told some of our friends so they did it and sent me this
and I’m not calling names,” she replied. A part of me was sorry and another
part thought she deserved it. My mother came in and started chasing
everyone out. “The cars are ready; you should all be in church. It’s my big
day.” We giggled and left. My father walked me and when I saw my husband my
heart melted. And my pussy purred. I wanted the wedding to be over, I
wanted him to make love to me and I wanted him to tell me everything he was

I was so happy when no one stood up to give any reason why we shouldn’t be
joined together when the Priest asked. “I join you both as husband and
wife. You may kiss your bride.” As my husband took up my veil, I smiled
then we all heard “STOP!!!!!! Stop they cannot get married. I looked to be
sure it was Pearl because that was her voice. Onyinye came close to me and
said, “Be calm, breath in, everything will be fine and we won’t let her win

I got bold and asked “Why can’t we get married?”

“He’s a cheat and a liar and he has a daughter. He found out I knew and
somehow locked me up in the store house, he also took advantage of me two
years ago when I was drunk,” Pearl said.

“It’s not true! Please don’t believe what she’s saying and about the child
I can explain. Don’t listen to her please Nkechi,” Kunle said.

Then I replied, “I know about his daughter and I trust my husband, he would
never do such and if he took advantage of you two years ago, why are you
saying it now? Why are you saying it today? I trusted you, is there
something you’re not saying Pearl? This is supposed to be the happiest day
of my life. Why would you want to ruin it?”

Pearl opened her mouth to talk but no words came out and she walked out of
the church in shame. I looked at my husband and he said, “I promise I’ll
explain, I’m still your Kunle and God is my witness that I love you. I’ll
never hurt you, it kills me but I’ll rather die than have a life without
you in it.”

“I love you too Kunle, I believe you,” I said. And we kissed. My dramatic
mother ran to the altar and started singing as the whole church joined in.
I could see joy on people’s faces. People came to congratulate us but
talked to Kunle and told him how lucky he was to have a wife with wisdom. I
could see how happy he was. Onyinye hugged me and said, “I’m proud of you
dear.” Kunle held my hands and took me outside, we walked to his car and he
said I’m taking you somewhere you’ll like. I could hear my mother shouting,
“Kunle bring my daughter back o, wedding is not over.”

While she ran towards us Kunle drove off and we both laughed. We got to his
hotel room and it was the most beautiful sight, the candle lights, flowers,
cupcakes and I couldn’t hold back my tears.

“Firstly I’ll explain about my child.”

“Please don’t I’ll accept her as my daughter, let’s just enjoy this moment.”

He took off his shirt and all I wanted was to breathe him in like oxygen,
he took off my gown, my bra and ate my pussy with my panties on, I was
going to conceive this moment and I knew it. “Take me from behind,” I
whispered breathlessly.

And he replied, “No baby I wanna look in your eyes while I make love to my
wife.” I could barely walk after the second round. I called Onyinye to come
with my dress for the reception and my makeup artist.

“This is your mother’s 50th missed call, are you sure I shouldn’t pick?”
Kunle asked. We both laughed and went for the last round in the bathroom.
We were super late for the reception, but it was our wedding reception. We
called the shots. I was going to keep this marriage SO HELP ME GOD.

-Caroline Eligbue @cyrabrasky

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    Amazing and Real.. Would make an epic movie.

  2. Teslim

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    Wow!!! It really touched me to the depth and got me arosed
    Keep it up

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    Wow! Caroline

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    Fantastic write up enough to trigger the imaginations of the mind👍🏾

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    Nice one…..its very interest

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