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Deyji’s Music Is Easy On The Ear

Deyji’s Music Is Easy On The Ear

When you know how to play the acoustic guitar so well, sing with an undertone of pop and country music, have a fantastic stage presence, and release a debut single titled Falling, the entire music industry will inevitably fall in love with your career. That is the synopsis of the artiste called Deyji.


I am a music junkie and enthusiast. I spend most of my day listening to music from different genres and languages. It’s a joy to share my music with the rest of the world.

Son of deacons – christened Osan Oladeji Ede, a native of Warri North LGA, Delta State, “I started singing when I was a kid – reluctantly, I must add. My parents made it almost impossible for me to escape leading the Children Choir in Christmas Carols. I dabbled on and off with music for the rest part. However, in 2012, my interest in music was rekindled when I listened to the song “Give me love” by Ed Sheeran. I felt crazily inspired to sing again.

I picked up playing the guitar in 2014. I released my first single “Falling” in 2019. I then had another follow-up single called “I’ll Show You.

Deyji’s music is a fusion of Pop, Rock, and RnB genres. “My music is heavily influenced by listening to Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Jon Bellion, Johnny Drille, and Ric Hassani. I am a firm believer in love, the excitement, the sensuality and vulnerability it brings. I communicate all of those in my music.”


Instagram & Twitter  – @deyjimusic

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji


29 comments on “Deyji’s Music Is Easy On The Ear”

  1. SoundKraft

    Congrats bro. More to come

  2. Theophilus

    Deyji is the best in what he does. His music is mindblowing as it is beautiful

  3. Rymond

    Deyji’s Music is and always has been a blessing to me personally. He’s Craft is extremely unique. Undoubtedly Deyji is gifted, uniquely I must add.

  4. Tricia Chileke

    Deyji’s music is so soothing but what’s more soothing than it? His personality! Great job Deyji! – Your number 1 fan girl

  5. Fae

    Gaaaaaaaah!!!! I’m crazy excited! ‘… easy on the ears’ is right!
    From ‘Falling’ to ‘I’ll Show You’ to all the other covers and features this guy has put out there, it all just… clicks!
    This is huge!!!!

  6. NAGA

    i really respect your drive cus although you are doing a genre which is not popular, you keep pushing trying to introduce a new phase of music to this part of the world. Keep it up bro.

  7. Alpharine

    Good music man
    Great craft, I respect you diligence and consistency.

  8. Vanessa

    Super proud of you deyji

  9. Vanessa

    Super proud of you deyji, your voice is everything

  10. Igbowe

    Just majestic…..

  11. Nyerho

    I’m the most proud of you Deyji! I don’t say this always but guy you’re the Most talented person I’ve met in my life.. I’ll do my best to push to the world man… Bigger things are coming!!!

  12. Uwaila

    Deyji’s kind of music is mindblowing, which goes together with is amazing personality, vocals and unique style of playing the guitar…..
    If u re previledge to listen to any of his musical covers or songs, u re definitely DOOMED, u can’t get over it because that voice its definitely wat u can listen to a trillion tyms nd never get tired of……..
    GodBless Deyji….

  13. Chubbylala

    Deyji, you’re undoubtedly a blessing to your generation. You’re the real definition of “my hands are blessed”. Osan,the world is ready for you. Shine on!!!

  14. Glory A.

    Deyi’s music not just inspire me..lit up my mind..each time I listen…
    Deyji is real good…his voice has the “wow!” factor…you are good just like your voice is..keep singing and playing..keep healing our world!!!..dont ever stop!.more..more! you are just so different.

  15. Debbie Fidelis

    Deyji with the voice …you have always made good music …keep doing you dear

  16. Deborah

    Have you ever heard Dejii play for you face to face it’s a near Ed sheeran in the room moment . It’s amazing really good . He’s exceptional at what he does

  17. Nikki

    Well done superstar you got a lot more coming your way never give up on what means most to you and what brings you the most joy in life super proud of you and always going to believe in you.

  18. Abolaji Babayeju

    Yaaaay…. Congratulations Deyji… more wins and a great future ahead.
    Damilare .

  19. Abolaji Babayeju

    He’s not only a great singer,he’s also got a great personality…very passionate about what he does and he loves his fans…isn’t that amazing… Congratulations Deyji. More wins and a great future ahead…. Damilare.

  20. Deyji

    Thank you so much Mystreetz

  21. Valentina

    Congrats DEYJI. You deserve all and more❤️


    🙌🙌🙌🙌big ups bro…… I know the best yet to come

  23. Laju

    Deyji sings really well. If only your parents knew they were grooming your talent…

  24. Femi Broadway

    I actually find Deyji’s music to be soothing and smooth. My kind of music! I’ve have friends who heard his music and loved it at the instant. Great work.

  25. Gracieey

    Keep doing you Deyji! 💪🏻✌🏼💚

  26. Delolaa

    🙌🏾 Amazing Singer/Song Writer 💯
    Love from London ❤️❤️

  27. James

    More features bro

  28. Benny George

    They ain’t seen anything yet. There’s seriously more to come from the one Deyji. Spontaneous all the way. Love your sound.

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