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Dolapo Odupele Sparkles Daily On Sparkling 92.3FM

Dolapo Odupele Sparkles Daily On Sparkling 92.3FM

Across the radio broadcasting in the city of Calabar, Dolapo-Jennifer Odupele of The Sparkling 92.3FM is gradually building a formidable career as one of the most sought-after On-Air personality. Standing at about 6 foot tall with a strikingly pretty face, and a captivating soft-toned voice, Dollars, as she’s popularly called, is one of the most entertaining mid-morning hosts on the radio.

Every weekday from 10 am – 12noon, Dolapo entertains her audience with great panache. Her music playlist and her wittiness when it comes to analysis ticks all boxes as one of the most entertaining personalities on the radio. According to her, “I’ve always wanted to talk and present a show. Whenever I get the opportunity daily, I go for it and people always stay glued. I also double as an event host” – Dolapo

As a broadcaster, her journey started in her 3rd year at the university. According to her, “I attended Ekiti State University. In 2014, there was a long ASUU strike, so I opted for a job at Galaxy TV in Lagos. After three months of training, I started presentation – I was a co-host on a show called ‘Campus 360 degrees’. I worked at the station until the period I was about to write my final exams. That was when I had to quit, allowing me to concentrate. During my national service year, I served in Calabar. I got a job to work at Hit 95.9FM. I worked as an accountant during the day and at night, I co presented a show from 10 am – 12 midnight.

After my service year, I went back to Lagos to get a job but the hustle in that town was too much to handle. Fortunately for me, I got an employment call from Sparkling 92.3FM Calabar. I flew back, check the job offer, and I’m still there living my dream as a broadcaster.

Aside from my daily show from 10 am – 12noon, I also host ‘Eve’s World’ – 7 pm – 8 pm every Friday, and also ‘Sunday Afternoon Experience’ – from noon – 6 pm. “I love the radio. I have developed a huge interest and connection with my audience. I have always tried to be open-minded with them. I always make sure I come out as someone relatable. I love developing a captivating bond with my audience. That is how I have been able to create my influence on them and they on me as well” – Dolapo


Instagram – @dolarsindy_

Twitter – @Dolarsindy2

Story culled from Mystreetz Magazine, Burna Boy edition

Words by Sesan Adeniji: Follow on Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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  1. Dedayo

    Well done dollars, keep soaring.

  2. Isiaka Idowu

    Dolly pee ,just keep on shining

  3. Isiaka Idowu

    Dolly dollars, Omo Odu ride on you are good

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