My greatest strength as a model is that I am well motivated and have the doggedness to succeed and that helps me strive for greater height. My weakness is my obsession to be the best and nothing but the best, which may seem to others as me being pushy- Excel

I would place a bet that you won’t have to talk much about modeling with this lady before you conclude that she’s in this profession with the precise objective of gunning for the big glories achieved by the crème de la crème of the modeling industry. 

Witty and focused, Aigbosuria Efosa Excel is one of the new generations of models that mean business. Studying pharmacy at the University of Benin, with a statistics that read height – 5:6, waist: 24, hips: 33 and bust: 31, this lover of gastronomy is channeling are energy to becoming a top model in Nigeria.

“Growing up as a child I have always admired the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Campbell. The beauty of their walk on the runway, the elegant and allure of these people have always had an amazing effect on me. Coming to the University of Benin as a pharmacist, finding various opportunities and platforms for young people to groom, build their career in modeling ignited the fire for the art; a new way to influence the society with clothes, designs, and fashion in a whole.

Luckily, I was signed under one of the best modeling agencies here in Benin City, HOK Model Management. HOK helps young people who are aspiring to be models by grooming them on the ethics of the runway and how to walk with the fiery passion built inside them and also to represent modeling in various platforms be it pictures or videos and so far I have walked for ‘Fashion junkie: ‘The Black Mask’ as well as ‘Fashion Ferrari’.

I look forward to walking for top fashion shows in Lagos next year and also get featured in top magazines (my love for vogue tho), and model for top brands and designers like Orange culture. I see myself in New York next year. I know I will get there because my CEO (Kadiri Eseose Silva) taught me how to be bold, fearless and make a move. She always says, “If you can think it, you can do it”!

My greatest strength as a model is that I am well motivated and have the doggedness to succeed and that helps me strive for greater height. My weakness is my obsession to be the best and nothing but the best, which may seem to others as me being pushy. I have gained so much from magazines, online streaming and of course modeling channels on television and also I keep working on my skills daily from what I learn every day.

For the first 2-3 years of my career, I see myself becoming a true expert and mastering my role as a top model. I plan to really immerse myself in the position, understand areas that can be improved on, really get to know the ins and outs of modeling as a whole and look for opportunities to make our modeling team efficient as possible and also one of the best the continent has heard of. I want to be able to extend my expertise and offer help to upcoming models as well” – Excel


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    I believe one thing that makes a model or anyone special and stand out is boldness, and I see and feel boldness in her pictures and indeed her words.
    More heights to Excel.

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    Keep shining 🔥🔥
    HOK to d world 🚀

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    Destined for greatness
    You almost there
    Destined for greatness ♥ ♥

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    More winnings

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    Greatest prerequisite to succeed in any field and frankly,quite impossible to miss in your statements…
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    The top is not as far away as it seems🙌

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    HOK’s product

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