Whenever the discussion about radio station and their OAP’s is raised, it’s most likely that the argument will be centered on daytime presentation and the presenter driving this belt. Seldom do the late night belt and their die-hard presenters make the news. To think of it, the late night callers seem to have increased in numbers since almost every adult have access to personal mobile phones. With so many heartfelt matters that need to be shared or learned from, the late night presenters are becoming the most addicted OAP’s for the young adult generation because late night is the only time when adult language can be used and R-rated discussion can be shared. OAP’s like Destiny Amaka of CoolFM is one of the most prominent stars that shines all through the night on radio. This gorgeous young lady has so much experience in the entertainment industry more than half of her colleagues on daytime belt. She has been around the entertainment scene for a while. She was once on a reality show in the UK for Sky Living TV called Bigger Than Beyonce, stared in few Ruke Sanders film productions, the sitcom ‘Spider’. She was once a member of the music group ‘Creation’ and also did backup singing for JJC and the 419 squad. Prior to her relocation to Nigeria, she was a member of the management team for JJC’s BigBoyz entertainment.

Destiny amaka was employed by WETV COOLTV as a station producer and TV Presenter, she’s also the Head of French content for WETV and juggles this alongside the cool overnight lounge, her radio program on 96.9 Cool FM which runs 1am -5am Monday to Friday.

‘It’s true that late night OAP don’t get enough shine and this is expected
due to the hour and the program function. For instance at night just play
music. Well I’ve taken a different outlook. Our stats show that in Lagos
277,000 people are tuned into radio frequency and the Cool Overnight
Lounge already dominates 40% of that figure. I choose to run my night show as I would do any day time show, filled with energy, segments and topics with more advantages meaning I can relate to adults and have fewer filters at that hour which works perfectly for my personality. At night people are more alert and are in a more reflective mode so it’s a great platform to penetrate when it comes to life matters and that’s what my show is about
You have people who are studying, working abroad due to the time zone, and those who are fans who wait up to tune in. What makes my show unique is my ability to be real, honest and open with my listeners and in doing this they in return are able to open up more. I like to leave my listeners with something learned at the end of each show.

Culled from Mystreetz Magazine( MI’s issue )- Words by Sesan Adeniji

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