Whenever the name Bez pops up in a conversation about the Nigerian music industry, finding the right choice of words to describe how talented this kid is is always tasking. Just like his compatriot Asa, his creativeness and achievement seems to be more than most pop stars from this side of the divide. It may be trendy today for artistes to flaunt their international record deals but the likes of Bez have achieved this a long time ago. Bez has performed in areas in the world where so many artistes cannot even begin to dream of.

Forget the hype, the trend and all the shenanigans associated with today’s industry, Bez is in a league of his own. His debut album Super Sun released in 2011 was a collector’s item. The project was locally acclaimed and internationally accepted. The sophomore album scheduled for release on the 28th of November 2016, is titled Gbagyi Child. The 13-track album reveals collaborations with two of Nigeria’s finest songstresses, Yemi Alade and Simi. The album is pieces woven together intricately with an intent to create magic. I reached out to Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula popularly known as Bez (born 10 November 1983), to have a perspective on the idea behind his previous and new album.

What inspired your debut album?

My debut album Super Sun was special and a revelation. It was music I was confident about and those sounds took me to places around the world I had never been to. Super Sun got first rate features on a global scale and one of the special ones was on Boston globe as the top 10 world music albums of 2011.

What’s the drive about the sophomore album?

My sophomore album Gbagyi Child is so special. It was inspired by my hometown Karu. The memories, experiences and the music I experienced growing up formed the foundation of the music. It is an album that I’m sure will transcend borders and garner millions of fans across the continents of the world. It was written with festival circuits in mind and I hope my audience feels the energy and emotion each song carries.

Bez / Mystreetz Magazine

Bez / Mystreetz Magazine

What do think your audience will take away from the new body of work?

I think the overall emotion is genuine. I really don’t know what each person will take away from the album, but I’m sure the music is very original and something people haven’t heard or experienced before. There is something for everyone in this album, and I think even if you don’t like my type of music, one listen will change your mind.

Who did the production?

Cobhams Asuquo Music Production

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