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Kehinde Omotosho’s Illustration tells the political narrative in Nigeria

Kehinde Omotosho’s Illustration tells the political narrative in Nigeria

Leading to the 2019 election, all we need are folks who will use their commentaries as a form of illustration to help us make sense of the critical state of the nation; by so doing, they may guide us to make better voting decisions for a greater future. Although not really political as person, some of the works of Omotosho Kehinde who is a graphic illustrator are compelling political story of where we are today in Nigeria.

‘I am a graphic illustrator, creative artist and a cartoonist. Even though, I never read anything related to art in my educational history. I am a graduate of Animal science from FUNAAB a couple of years back. I developed my career in art while I was serving as a youth corp. I first started as a graphic designer before I delved into illustrations and little of 2D animation. I have worked with many organizations both in the publishing firm and advertising agency in Lagos and Ibadan. I’m a freelance illustrator and I’m contributing my quota for the betterment of the country Nigeria’ – Kehinde

Kehinde Omotosho

Here are some of his other works

Words by Sesan Adeniji


14 comments on “Kehinde Omotosho’s Illustration tells the political narrative in Nigeria”

  1. Moe

    Nice one Kenny

  2. Ugbor Ikechukwu

    Nice work Ibeji.
    State of our country Nigeria in Pictures and Illustrations!

    Nice work bro

  3. Ayodele Fabiyi

    This is awesome…its clear, unambiguous and explicit. Keep it up Kenny. The sky us your basement

  4. Taye L Omotosho

    This is very cool. Especially when we are almost reaching the boiling heat of the political struggle towards 2019 election. It’s simply a medium where one can laugh out his concern on this present woes in our political state.
    Its quite good to make use of this medium to relieve his worries on ground.

  5. Lola Adesina

    This is brilliant. I think you should consider adding the commentary in pidgin English to reach a wider audience. Great work.

  6. Simon okusaga

    I’m been a fan of his from inception. His works speaks for itself , politically incline about his environs and speaks alot of volume. Keep up the good work my Great friend Kenny.

  7. Owolabi Kayode

    These works are good, infant very good however not excellent yet. You know i cant give you all the mark? Never, that would make you complacent by resting on your oars. Nevertheless, these are brilliant work of arts, i would like to see more of them, also, i would imploy to hone your skills, more on dimensional animation the more in oder to gain more leverage. Greater height in this pursuit!

  8. Ajike

    This is really lovely… would love to see more of your work.

  9. Maroof Asudemade

    Kenny Tosh is a cerebral personality. His graphic reporting of political events is a refreshing deviation from the stress of reading texts. It’s left for him to engage innovative ways to stimulate people’s interest in the art of graphic news reporting and storytelling. Once this is done, the desired impacts will begin to be felt.

  10. Dejikokun

    Wow, amazing works of art. Brilliantly executed and absolutely spot on. Keep up the good work bro, I am so impressed

  11. Gynkonzult

    This is great Bro, we can work together

  12. Martha Uchuduno

    Kenny Omotosho, this is so superb… I wish all Nigerians could see this great work here. God bless you big time

  13. Kenny

    Excellent creativity and interesting graphics Kenny…keep it up!!!!

  14. Taiwo Oguntoye

    Brilliant and well articulated. Keep it up

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