Lil Kim is bankrupt

Lil Kim is bankrupt

It’s time for reality check for the queen of rap. Lil Kim reportedly filed for bankruptcy last month in New Jersey, claiming she’s $4 million in debt.

lil kim / Mystreetz magazine

TMZ reports that the “Big Momma Thing” rapper owes $2 million on a loan for her NJ home, $1,845,451.74 in unpaid taxes, as well as $186k for legal bills.
She allegedly offered to pay $5,500 a month to a creditor so she can straighten her financial situation out. The hearing is scheduled for July.
In other Lil Kim related news, the Queen Bee is working on a new album. There’s no word when it will be released, but if it’s set for a 2018 release, that will help with her debt.

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