I think this is a question of markets. Lagos is the biggest broadcast market in the country and as such is very competitive. In terms of ability, I feel there are excellent OAPs scattered around the country‘ – Osato

In a world filled with half-baked news, alternative truths or facts, the role of OAPs will be crucial in not just entertaining the audience but educating them. But what is the guarantee that they will be able to achieve this if most of them have not subjected themselves to gathering knowledge to report objectively and devoid of bias. It seems On Air Personalities now spend most time taking selfies, reading news online (without fact checking), than spending time running commentaries or delivering objective social analysis. In the midst of this shortcoming in broadcasting, one OAP is among those that standout. His stock has continued to grow and his respect for professionalism and objectivity is admirable. Let’s meet EDK!

Osato Edokpayi / Mystreetz magazine

Osato Edokpayi / Mystreetz magazine

“I’m Osato Edokpayi, a radio host with Vibes 97.3 FM, Benin City. On the radio, I’m better known as EDK. I initially didn’t want a career in broadcasting. I’ve always leaned towards print media but after a stint as a campus correspondent for a renowned national daily, I decided to expand my horizon; so I felt the next logical step should be broadcasting. I got into broadcasting as an undergraduate when I hustled for and got an internship at Silverbird’s Rhythm 97.3 FM, Benin in 2012. After four months of learning from one of the best breakfast show hosts in the city at the time, I got an opportunity to work at Vibes 97.3. The station was the newest at the time and I was instantly drawn to them. I was a broadcast intern for a year before I was offered a permanent contract and in that time I gobbled up knowledge from everyone and everywhere and that foundation has no doubt helped me continue to improve as a broadcaster.” – Osato

Are OAPs outside Lagos having a fair share of recognition compared to their colleagues in Lagos and what do you think they need to do more to compete?

“I think this is a question of markets. Lagos is the biggest broadcast market in the country and as such is very competitive. In terms of ability, I feel there are excellent OAPs scattered around the country and in various radio and TV formats but being in a market like Lagos provides a lot of exposure. So the easiest answer would be, “Go to Lagos” but it isn’t easy and one doesn’t have to. The social media levels things these days. If you’re opinionated or funny or wacky; whatever niche you can find, you can obviously reach out to a wider audience – beyond your listeners and viewers. There are podcasts and vlogs as well. I have a weekly podcast with a friend who is also a radio presenter and we reach people well outside where we regularly broadcast to. So I think that OAPs in markets outside Lagos shouldn’t be in awe of the celebrity of those in Lagos but must strive to achieve excellence and provide a great experience to listeners and viewers. In time, you will find your space in a bigger market and then compete favourably.”

EDK revels in every good reward for hard work; a pat on the back for accomplishing a feat or a hangout with friends, sipping some wine to satisfy his acquired cravings and tastes. When his Drive Time show grabbed the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award for Outstanding Radio Program Presenter in 2014, he refused to roll out the drums. Rather, he rolled up his sleeves and snuck into the studio to turn-up the city. And ever since, he has continued to stick out his chest just to make broadcasting much more than what it is. He does it every time, in a different way. And he just cannot stop.

In January 2015, he was nominated for the Edo Governor’s Youth Leadership Award for Excellence, an award which seeks to recognize young blazing Nigerian stars who are making a significant difference in their respective spheres of influence where he emerged first runner-up in a fiercely contested ballot. That year, he was drafted to host the station’s breakfast show, “Daybreak Benin” which has exposed him to an even greater variety of listeners, challenging and enabling him to deliver the ultimate radio experience to listeners. He capped off 2016 by hosting the biggest music awards show in southern Nigeria; the South South Music Awards to rave reviews.

EDK currently hosts Benin City’s #1 Breakfast Show; Daybreak Benin. Weekdays 6am – 11am & the Saturday Morning Show, 6am – 11am.
Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook: @satoEDK.

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