Rihanna/Mystreetz magazine

Rihanna/Mystreetz magazine

As a writer, I always have a lot of characters in my head; like I have imaginary families, imaginary occurrences and places. It is all fiction. To some this is some scary analogy, but to a fellow writer it is just another cup of caffeinated coffee.

Even as ‘ordinary’ people without a writer’s mind, you lot have your moments, you have in the recesses of your mind a pictorial representation of your ideal vacation, a career plan or your ideal husband or boyfriend.

Skip to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, my ideal female artiste. I will like to be modest and list a well coordinated lady, with A cup boobs and a perfect frame. But then that’s all water in a basket, that’s not what I would like to see on my screen or on my Timeline. So I promise to be honest in my article and give you a fair description in 4POINTS.



She has to be Pisces, because after the festive period and the New Year, it is a new season for parties and events. My ideal female artiste throws the best parties and she is a pace setter, she is the type of person that people attend her parties and soirées to see and learn how a party should be, she comes up with the coolest ideas and party favours. Like an in house aquarium, or a live snake in the middle of the dance floor.

She is daring, she is bold, she is in her early 20’s and she is unafraid.

She keeps is 100 at all times, she isn’t trying to be a role model to the younger generation, she is just living her life like a regular person; with a celebrity status.

She is buzz worthy and dictates her public life.



She is a classic cut between Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

She spends lavishly on couture and is on a first name basis with international fashion designers.

She sits front row at all fashion weeks worldwide, her instagram is like every fashion lover’s dream home; with shoes, classic Chanel bags and lots of fur pieces.

She must have a timeless collection of vogue magazines and be bilingual. Like speak a bit of French and date a Spaniard. There is something so exotic about a woman that speaks François.

My ideal female artiste is a strong willed business minded young woman, with perfumery, lip stick brand and a fashion line.


Her followers have to be in millions; because everybody in all age groups is obsessed with her lifestyle. Everything she does makes the news and is trending on blogs, from her pet peeves, to where she worships on Sundays and her favourite vacation spot.

She has to have her own fan base, like how Rihanna has her Navy.

And Beyonce has the BEE HIVE.

She has to have her own squad that will fight for her and defend her when the internet trolls try to attack.

She also has to have a verified fan page on twitter and facebook.

Her lifestyle is so fabulous that she inspires the hip hop culture, rappers use her name in the verses, and designers make dresses from her personality and make up brands name products after her.


She has a fabulous best friend, that isn’t in the entertainment industry.

Her best friend isn’t as popular as she is, but they have similar character traits, they go on exotic trips together and have genuine fun, and not those staged Hollywood trips, and what not, they live life like it is golden.

She is very family oriented, displays her immediate and extended family via her social media.

Her love life is made public, she is an A list so she really can’t have private or a regular life. So we always know who she is hooking up with because her life is on blogs and the tabloids.

She loves her fans and treats them like they are family, personifying them with a collective name.

My ideal female artiste is RIHANNA.

Oghomwen Toni-Osagie


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