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NYERHOVWO MOYO’S ‘WhatsApp Radio’ is in High demand

NYERHOVWO MOYO’S ‘WhatsApp Radio’ is in High demand

After countless rejection from radio station I would say that I have finally found my niche – Nyerhovwo

In the past couple of weeks, I have lost count of the number of industry colleagues that have asked me to tune in to listen to Neki Moyo WhatsApp Radio. Considering the ongoing rapid advancement in technology, traditional radio broadcast now has a big competitor to contend with. The frenzy around this new form of transmission is on the upward trajectory.

With this guerrilla warfare, the new generation broadcasters are winning everywhere a mobile phone exists. Steadily on the rise, the likes of Nyerhovwo Kigho Moyo , of the WhatsAap radio industry are gradually ready to take a chunk out of the market share. There’s more to these folks than meets the eye. It’s high time we understand the mindset of the new warriors in the broadcasting industry.

“I am a native of Agbon Clan, Delta State and my dialect is Urhobo. My dad conned “Neki” from my two native names. Growing up with three siblings as girls and a strict disciplinarian for parents, life is somewhat good. I attended King’s Foundation Nursery and Primary School, where my friendship ended by 4pm after school days. My environment Kuje Amuwo of Oriade Local Government Development Area was one filled with different folks but mom and dad had always instilled in us to always look beyond our environment and push out for what we wanted.

I had always been at the forefront of activities in my early childhood days, from cultural dance display to debate and press club while in junior secondary. I was one of those girls that usually have their socks run out their sandals with big uniforms. My vibrant personality always made me stand out. Most of the coordinated students or seemly best pupils felt like I was way too loud and everywhere. As such, I wasn’t fit to join any of the happening cliques. We at the bottom chain just founded our disoriented “kparapos” of which at some point brought me to a point of uncertainty that I never knew who I was anymore. It did get to me most of the times but I started to understand myself and tried not to fit into any clique.

I had always had a mind of my own but I had to become conscious of my strength. This was a phase that made me become exposed early enough to the complexities of adulthood, so I would tell myself, “Neki, grown-up’s stuffs are way too boring, it would snuff out your child like mind from you”. Now, I bet it’s a different ball game entirely. During my days at the great University of Benin in Edo State, I met a lot of amazing personalities that broadened my perception concerning how to get my dreams achieved but there were lots of fear as to step out. I have always admired the Media, On-air Personalities, Newscasters etc. It was so fascinating, but I was studying a science related course for four years, I decided to finish my studies first.


Not until Mid-January 2018, My mum was celebrating her birthday and I was ecstatic to tell everyone of how awesome she is via WhatsApp where I already had a lot of wishes rolling in. I honestly didn’t have the strength to reply everyone then I thought of doing a voice-over via my WhatsApp Status to appreciate everyone that wished her a happy birthday. I have always loved to play-around with editing apps, so I got to work immediately and made sure the voice-over was compatible with WhatsApp status. Soon after all of my many appreciations, I just said “This is the WhatsApp radio”. Immediately friends started expanding the idea and how far it could go. I was so excited but the next morning, I started crying to God; I mean how can I pull this off, the serious work and consistency, things like Data plan, Content Building, Audience Expansion gave me concerns. Then heavenly father ever lovely helped me ease the burden after praying to him.

I started with my WhatsApp contacts of which I would always say they are the best audience I could ever get. People started spreading the word out about Neki Moyo and the WhatsApp radio and I also kept adding people to build an audience which I now called the WhatsApp Radio Community. I run the inspirational morning or mid-day inspiration where I take quotes from my audience status and amplify their thoughts, quotes and perceptions towards the issues of life. I also run advertisement from my clients and promotion of music from artists who are part of the WhatsApp Radio Community. I engage my audience on relationship matters, Battle of the Sexes, Request Friday amongst other things majorly providing good content, engaging conversations and sharing people’s perception about life in general.

WhatsApp Radio has our audience from different parts of the world; Ghana, Ukraine, United States, London, Singapore, Malaysia just to mention a few, we have almost 36 states in Nigeria fully represented and we are growing on a daily basis.

WhatsApp Radio has helped fosters lot of relationships, keep the WhatsApp Status alive and help people grow mentally. After countless rejection from radio station I would say that I have finally found my niche, I occasionally bump into a WhatsApp Radio listener and the feedback just makes me want to do more. We also have our Facebook fan page, where we keep our Facebook community informed of our daily activities even when we are not on air via WhatsApp and we get to add up people every day. I can’t wait for mark Zuckerberg to see this.

I started attending a couple of Media Talks, Seminars etc. I was trained as a broadcaster with Broadcast Radio Master Class and by Fola Folayan as my Coach and Facilitator. I did an internship with an Online Radio Station “digits1024” in Lagos, where I learnt how to harness production skills and software improvement. I watch presentation courses on YouTube and take up mentors in the broadcasting field as well which made me venture into vlogging on Instagram and You-tube.

I am currently a youth corps member serving in Edo state, my primary place of assignment is at Edo Broadcasting Service Aduwawa, Ikpoba Ohka Local Government Area. I’m also public relation officer of the medical, health and safety community development service group. I also work with Women in Media as Lead Convener for Edo State as well as the Edo State Co-coordinator for Creation Care Initiative International; a non-governmental organization that reaches out to kids and the less privilege in the society. Writing this article made me realized how it feels to impact and look out for opportunities in this kind of environment where one has to have God and a thick skin to thrive. It keeps getting better, its hard work being the CEO of WhatsApp Radio but it feels good so far. I am learning, unlearning and relearning” – Nyerhovwo

Follow the broadcast on WhatsAPP – 09074574211


Instagram – @neki_moyo

Twitter – @Neki_ymoyo

Facebook – Neki Moyo

Words by Sesan Adeniji

70 comments on “NYERHOVWO MOYO’S ‘WhatsApp Radio’ is in High demand”

  1. G_sund

    If only I can steal a section of nekky’s brain…I admire you a lot.. She is a goal getter and an encourager..she is the definition of a true woman..other women should learn how to become a woman from her…I always knew you were going to be at the top..not surprised I was expecting your rise…much love baby higher heights…##glo_sound#

    • Freda Mali

      Kai neki my very own neki, I am so happy to be part of whatsapp radio community for real, it keeps breaking bounds even all the way from America. I just tune in and every word makes me laugh, smile, think sometimes cry, we know where it started from and I can’t be more prouder of this moment. I thank God for giving you this idea and you for accepting it, despite the work involved. I can wait for investors like Mark Zuckerberg to see this and invest. Continue Neki, you’re a star that’s going places.

  2. Eddy Young

    Neki is one awesome lady any man will be lucky to have around.. neki you don’t know how big you are .. You will take the world by storm

  3. Fortune Ebiala

    Yeah I admire your motivation Neki, yu’r right yu finally found your niche and I’m really proud to have met you. The sky is not even your limit girl. You’ll soar to the highest.. Cheers to a greatest future.

  4. Jeremiah Omoh

    Awesome….. She has been really doing a wonderful job with this Whatsapp radio. Great innovation, I must say

    • Umoru oshoke

      Indeed she has been doing a wonderful job.i listen to niki moyo WhatsApp radio..my amazing part is when she laugh😂😂

  5. Chidimma

    Neki Moyo, you’re a super woman. I’m so proud of you darling. Keep pushing it mummy.

  6. Precious Idahor

    Neki Moyo is such a beautiful soul. I love the way she captures her audience and makes them stay glued to the radio waiting for the next episode. She is such a goal getter and her story is inspiring. Only heroes do this. This is just the beginning Neki. The world ain’t seen the best of you yet. I am so proud of you darling. Go rule!

  7. Stella

    Yeah!!! So much to be thankful for, Neki Moyo is a rare soul with an outstanding personality… Love! Love!!! Her so much words would fail me in attempt to describe such a sweet soul..
    The world is yet to know what u’re worth.. Keep winning!

  8. Hello Elo

    Neki my darling. Your talent will take you places. She is very hard working, honest and kind. Go girl. You deserve this and more

  9. Ligali oladeji

    I really don’t know where to start an epistle about this magic-brain from,trust me it’s endless.but i knw for sure Moyo our one n only watsap radio chick you have been such a wonderful person and a whole lot of inspiration to me. your voice is so so so magical!!!keep been you sugar.the sky is yours to catch my dear.

  10. Best Slim Ever


    Nigeria is blessed n gifted we need to support our selves.

    from: Best Slim Ever

  11. Stella

    Ur smile is contagious, Big things they say comes in small packages lol! The world awaits ur greatness, u’re such an amazing soul!!! I love u for being such a strong woman, Lover of Christ,ur voice is everything..
    Give it ur best.. Tons of love

  12. Emike

    Wow. It’s just awesome reading this. You inspire me alot Neki Moyo and am glad I know. Whataspp radio rocks. Watch out for Neki Moyo

  13. Victoria

    Wow Whatsapp radio queen you are!
    Your drive ia energising
    Your creativity is inspiring
    More milestones!
    The world aint seen nothing yet…you are coming hard and great!

  14. Aishat

    OMG….. I almost cried reading this
    Neki is one individual I admire a lot simply because shez real….. Give dem hot 💥hot💥u are going places 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌God bless you.

  15. ogbara bukola

    This awesome…
    keep whatapp Radio rolling gal..
    keep the good work moving neki moyo..more blessings dear

  16. Theresa Atamah

    I know Neki personally and I can say she is the most innovative and creative person I have ever met. She made me realize that there was more to life than what I knew. I also want a career in the media and i thought I was treading the right part but when I met her I knew I had not started. My conversations with her was always one I look forward to because I learn new things from her every day. She is definitely going to be a house hold name soon because she is a hard worker.

  17. Ekhaguosa Osamagbe Blessing

    I love WhatsApp radio. Keep it up girl. We love u

  18. Tariah Ipalibo D.

    You are the best Neki I love You always 🙌🙌🙌.

  19. Ebaji Moses

    Nice one…keep it up dear 👍🏻

  20. Debbie

    Mark Zukerberg will hear about you pretty soon😍😍 I do not doubt your greatness one bit

  21. MC Bluetooth

    Just came in contact with her just few weeks ago she has delivered thousands of surprises already pls let’s support her ministry.She is more than an OAP

  22. Isioma Omoseh Abigail

    I’m so so happy and proud of you, your growth is so tremendous….it was not an easy road, those days of rejection are over..my fellow CEO, Its a delight to know you baby girl…looking forward to bigger things soonest!

  23. Natiney

    Nekkimoyo to the world💃🏼💃🏼💪🏽💪🏽

  24. Osayuki

    Neki has always been a superstar. She is a modern day superhero

  25. Felix

    This is really wonderful. She has created a new niche in the industry. This would give orthodox radio stations a run for their money. Brilliant idea. I want to participate in the WhatsApp radio station. You have our full support. The sky is your starting point. Keep it up dear. I’d like to meet you personally.

  26. Samuel Ehi

    Big congrats dear…her WhatsApp radio issa goal…..

  27. Osariemen

    Well I’ve always know nekki to be a goal getter…and the fact that she’s always inspired of God makes everything she does come out great…that’s why I call her holy ghost baby..so I’m not surprised at this feet she’s in now…more Grace for greater heights friend.

  28. Hummer

    Nkeki, grow bigger.
    Stay conceptified

  29. Samuel Ehi

    Big congrats dear…her WhatsApp radio issa goal…..more success dear

  30. Kevin Sage

    Amazingly awesome, the “whatsApp Radio” is a master piece of ingenuity and innovation from the resilient Nigerian of which Nyerhovwo Moyo aka “Neki” epitomizes.
    Neki like we all call her puts in extreme professionalism in ensuring that contents are tailored to the needs of the listeners and admiration of many.
    Keep it up lil Sis, thumbs up

  31. Queenveey

    thumbs up Girl. more power to
    elbow !

  32. Victor

    Neki is all shades of awesomeness and grace, tho I hardly comment I always follow the Battle of the sexes on watsapp radio, she is something big about to happen

  33. PENAWD

    O my world.
    I can’t just believe what I just read. This is beyond imagination.
    I love the part of how you started it. And most of all, I must say that this is the advantage of having great people around oneself. Imagine if the people in your circle then had been “onenvies” and myopic people, how would they have brought out the giant in you. I say congratulations to you.
    And as per Oga Mark, don’t worry. Keep doing the best. One day, you will realize you’ve won this day.
    More success to come.

    Oyedokun Ibukun PENAWD

  34. Teddy

    Nekiiiiiiiiiii….awesome lady….strong girl…greater heights dear

  35. PraiseGod Omoregie

    Neki Moyo can only get better. I’ve followed WhatsApp radio from the inception and what I’ve seen is one woman taking something “ordinary” and turning it into an empire for herself.

  36. Omoerere

    When she told me about her WhatsApp radio; I reluctantly checked it out but ever since I’ve been hooked. The topics she brings up are interesting and entertaining. Her sense of humour is and her way of handling the entire programme is amazing. She’s really born for this and I’m sure she’s going places.

  37. Armstrong Umeobi

    I remember my first long conversation with Neki, I realized instantly this was a lady with an out of the world mind.
    Someone who could express herself to the barest minimum.
    Saying you got this far was a surprise to me would be an ultimate lie.
    Just keep threading down your dreams, your height would be would news someday.


    I have followed whatsapp radio since January and might I say, I’ve never had a reason to put it on mute… the topics of discussion are always interesting and of great importance … Hopefully more people would tune in to enjoy this Radio on the go… More grease to your elbow NEKI

  39. TnJ aka The Gem King

    WhatsApp radio by Neki Moyo is easily one of the most innovative things anyone has done since ge inception of social media. She’s on her way to greatness and becoming a much bigger social media influencer than she already is. Her rejection story bears the similar motivation and the familiar theme consistently seen in the billionaires of our time.

  40. George

    Neyi’s WhatsApp radio Worth’s every data spent on it….its been informative and the hot topics been discussed on the radio has been awesome.
    can’t wait for you to have your own radio and TV show.

  41. Courage Wilson

    Yippppppppie!!! Neki Moyo we love what you do for this city and beyond, you have spiced up the Land with your new trend . I am super excited that the first Whatsapp Radio started in Benin, so sorry for those people still claiming that Benin city is dried… This is just the starting

  42. Everestus Ndukwe

    Neki, my home girl, you deserve all the accolades. And if you are not tuned in to whatsapp radio, then you are missing a while lot. No dulling moment, inspiration and fun extraordinaire

  43. Zeeyy

    Neki is a multi-talented and devoted woman. Her passion and energy towards her vision inspires me everyday. The best is yet to come. Go darling, go!!

  44. Imadus

    ‘Goosebumps’ dats my reaction to reading this. Neki Moyo keep going. Brace yourself for more from your girl peepz. Known her already as selfless, mindful, goal getting individual. I bet derz more.

  45. Queenlaurry

    Yes! You’re right, you found your. You found a place to make yours and to accommodate many others who now look up to you. The idea birthed by you is no doubt a crazy one, I’m not surprised cause you’re a crazy one to start with. Your ideas are a definition of the amazingness your soul captures. The world will hear you dear, I’m never gonna stop assuring you of this. You’re amazing and I love you and your zeal put together.

  46. Mr Michael #eknight

    So proud of you miss neki moyo.. every data spent on listening to your WhatsApp radio is worth it…also best host ever….. We looooovvvvvveeeeee you

  47. Bamidele

    Neki’s story is a story of Vision aligning with passion fueled by rejection and redefined by Innovation…Dissappoints only causes one to be creative…Go girl…we love you

  48. Gloria

    Impressive baby…
    Just like I often prayed for myself and friends to achieved our dreams, thanks God urs is approaching real quick.. Am super proud of u dear, good great work u do on whatsapp radio I must say… Am super proud of u!

  49. Gloria

    Oghenenyerhovwo I would much love u, and am super proud of me, I glad that that u doing great, it shows that there’s success in my neighborhood. This is just the beginning baby, u are taking over territories for sure. Whatsapp Radio to the world!

  50. Moyo Ovo

    Neki is a big inspiration to every girl out there who has dreams and are afraid to take a step towards making their dreams become reality.She has beyond doubt proven no goal is too big to be achieved. It only gets better for you dear keep winning l.

  51. Treasure Ose

    Well if somebody had told me before now Neki didn’t study mass communication I would have argued like as if my life depended on it. Goes to show that you were made for this.Keep doing the awesome work you do on the WhatsApp radio. So glad I’m part of the WhatsApp radio community. And I’m even “glader” that you’re living your dreams. Keep the awesomeness flying much more to come. 😚😚

  52. Shoksy

    Neki Moyo is just amazing…
    The WhatsApp radio is the bomb infact if you are not part of the community wetin u gain?
    God bless You Neki for putting smiles on people’s faces.There are more victories ahead!!!
    Oya na Let’s take over!!!

  53. Debbie

    Keep winning Nekki Moyo..nd thanks for inspiring me.

    I love you so much.

  54. Debbie

    Keep winning nekki moyo..ND thanks for inspiring me.
    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  55. NDtalk

    Keep shinning Dear… Told you hen you started this, that it will pay off soon, it might have not started yet…. Butbkeep to it girl.

  56. Cinop6 (datyeyeboi)

    Neki Moyo whatsapp radio was d first whatsapp radio ever listened to and its amazing ive been a fan from day one. after her i started seeing others… brilliant idea from her. we love u Neki♡♥♡

  57. Cinop6

    Neki whatsapp radio was d first and after her i started seeing odas. and she has been an awsome voice on whatsapp. we love u Neki♡♥♡

  58. Martin Edeme


    That’s inspiring and innovative, nice one there…

  59. Nona Matthew

    MO’ you’re the real deal. Nothing can set you back now..we’re solidly with you because this is a world class enterprise and it will stand the test of time! More wins CEO!

  60. Akhere Nelson

    Neyoyo has taken over ooo..
    She haf jump above media limits.
    I’m so proud of you #Naett… #StarLight

  61. Akhere Nelson

    I’m not surprised at where you are now, I would be surprised if them no mention you

  62. Miriam Cole

    The growth is tremendous! Baby keeps inspiring me. You will go places love I know this and I’m so proud of you.

  63. Moyo Bakore

    Neki Sist.
    I love you. Keep pushing it. It gets better and better for you. The world is forever your audience baby girlie..

  64. Abel Idaewor

    WhatsApp radio na the Koko! It makes my day. I enjoy listening to every bit of it. Very informative, educative and entertainment. Neki kudos!

  65. Emike Grace

    All I can say is God bless you richly and keep putting a smile on our faces!!!

  66. stellamaris

    i have always admired you from afar….
    many persons including myself have always had that ideal,but didnt work on it because of fear of the unknown
    but i tell you….reading this has stirred up the courage in me to overcome those fears…..thank you ma. for being such an inspiration… thank ma. for actualizing your ideal…

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