Remembering Goldie – Afro-pop Trailblazer Gone Too Soon (23rd, 0ctober 1981 – 14th, February 2013) | MyStreetz Magazine Remembering Goldie – Afro-pop Trailblazer Gone Too Soon (23rd, 0ctober 1981 – 14th, February 2013) – MyStreetz Magazine

Remembering Goldie – Afro-pop Trailblazer Gone Too Soon (23rd, 0ctober 1981 – 14th, February 2013)

Remembering Goldie – Afro-pop Trailblazer Gone Too Soon (23rd, 0ctober 1981 – 14th, February 2013)

The legend of the late artist Goldie may divide opinion, but her influence will forever be felt in the Nigerian music industry. Looking at the history of music videos in the country through the prism of the aesthetic of costuming and creative scripting, back then, via Goldie’s various music videos, she arguably pioneered the future that everyone is enjoying today. Despite her early death, she was a trailblazer. Credited with over ten musical awards which include Best Female Video, Best Female musician, Best Use Of Costume, and as well score a hit single like ‘Say My Name‘ and, ‘You Know It‘ among others, Goldie came, saw and conquered the Nigerian music industry with grits that made her one of the most iconic female pop stars.

Years before the consciousness to sexual equality, in an era where women who justifiably exhibit creative independence are resisted, she withstood one of the most vicious scrutinizes ever experience by any female artists in Nigeria. Despite being bullied in some quarters of the media, misunderstood and her talents unfairly evaluated, Susan Oluwabimpe (Goldie) ran her race and left footprints in the sand of time. Although her death on the 14th of February 2013 came as a shock to many, her legacy as one of the most inventive female pop stars will linger forever. Despite not being your textbook definition of a powerhouse singing voice, yet she published more hit songs.

History has shown us that some artists are gifted with abilities to become great vocalists like 2Baba or Waje, others are exemplary entertainers like D’banj and great performers with intuitive artistic craving like Goldie. Just as everyone uses their unique selling point to ascend to glory, Goldie did the same thing – the energy she put into her music to score hit singles is awe-inspiring. Goldie’s music videos, photos, and showmanship were inspiring. As someone not bound by the rules of the game, she introduced groundbreaking styling – costumes, hairstyle, and makeups. Although Goldie’s pop entertaining sensual appeal was misunderstood and met with hypocrisy, yet she prevailed.

Download – Goldie‘s Interview with Mystreetz Tv

During the 2019 tribute letter written by veteran cinematographer Clarence peters, he wrote: “Goldie never came out to say she wanted to become the best vocalist; all she aimed for was to become one of the great performers in the music industry”. Clarence also stated that Goldie is one of the most creative talents he has ever worked with as a video director.

“She always put in three months of work into planning her music videos. After deliberating ideas, she will come back with storyboard, locations, and styling that’s always outside the norm. She’s not one to do the ordinary – her ideas are so great. In terms of production, those were years where the thought of a female artist to go overboard is only for the insane. There’s no one at her lever to date. Goldie was a creative genius in her own right. I miss her.” – Clarence

Denrele Edun, one of Goldie’s closes friends once sent me a tribute on her, he wrote: GOLDIE was special – Dare I say extraordinary. How do I describe the most selfless person I know? How do I explain the multitude of ways she made me better, or how she never missed an opportunity to encourage me, tell me she loved me or supported what I was doing? How do I begin to recount the dozens of organizations she helped, the people she inspired, the lives she touched? You were a treasure, my friend. I am better for having known this beautiful soul. I will always miss her. Continue to rest in peace.

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