On one very hot afternoon in the month of August 2016, I drove into one street in Ikeja environs to drop copies of Mystreetz magazine for one of the models that had a story inside the magazine. Two building to the address where I was meant to meet her up, I came in contact with a huge crowd of young guys and ladies wearing all black. There was an audition for models in one of the buildings in that area. As I tried to navigate through in that hot sun, I looked through the crowd; I saw young men and women passionate about what they do. I saw an industry filled with potentials, I saw the most beautiful girls of several competitions, the guys that could compete with the models in GQ. I saw the future actresses, actors and the television host. What I never saw was a prostitute or a lazy person looking for an easy way out. I saw young folks determined to make a living with their potential. Whatever opinion you share, the modeling industry is a reputable industry surviving on its own. I recently had a chat with one of those surviving models winning their own battles on their own. This undergraduate from the department of Business Administration at the University of Lagos is fearless and very passionate about the modeling industry.

Sandra Onyinye / Mystreetz Magazine

Sandra Onyinye / Mystreetz Magazine

‘My name is Queen Uzuh Sandra Onyinye, Face of Zirock 2017; I am a beauty queen, model and also an actor. My career as a model started when I was a kid, I noticed I loved watching fashion shows, beauty pageants and also loved going to the studio to take photographs with mum.

Sandra Onyinye / Mystreetz Magazine

Sandra Onyinye / Mystreetz Magazine

What have you achieved so far?

Actually I would say I have achieved a whole lot from being a model to being an Ambassador for hair solutions and also becoming a beauty queen.

What do you love and dread most about your profession?

I would say photo sessions, I love photo sessions a whole lot, what I dread most is the fact that models are not well recognized in the country. Models are not given the respect they deserve. I dislike the idea about models being prostitutes or escorts.

Sandra Onyinye / Mystreetz Magazine

Sandra Onyinye / Mystreetz Magazine

Apart from Modeling, what else do you love?

I love acting a whole lot.

Best Food?

Beans and plantain.

Best Colour?


Describe your dream man?

He must be caring/loving/understanding and most of all God fearing.

Your Statistics:

Height-5’9ft, Bust-34, Waist-30, Hips-40, Shoe size-41

Your turn off in a man:

My turn off in a man is pride.

If you wake up tomorrow and realize you won Miss World, what would be the first project you will work on?

My pet project would be focused on cancer awareness.

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