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Sean Paul Turned down Collaboration with Cardi B!

Sean Paul Turned down Collaboration with Cardi B!

Some artistes take their work ethics seriously and won’t compromise no matter the bills or the brand involve. Sean Paul is known for his deed of doing hit collaborations with notable artists of the time. It just so happened that due to an inescapable dislike with production, Paul had to turn down a chance to do a song with Cardi B. The dancehall notable recently talked about the experience on Entertainment Tonight, which is telling of his production style.

According to Paul, a production team he used to work with had a copy of one of his demos and took it upon themselves to chop it up and add the vocals of Cardi B. He was not fond of the idea of cutting pieces of their material to mold together and make a track and sent a message to the Bronx raptress that he would rather make a track with her in the studio.

“There was a production team that I worked with years ago that I left a demo with. Someone chopped up the song and put Cardi in it. I didn’t want it to be that someone put part of her song from some other thing with part of my song from some other thing, so I stopped it from happening. So, I sent word to her saying that I want to work in the studio with her,” said Paul. “There’s many different styles of artists and art and production and sometimes it’s great to just mix and match, but I haven’t been feeling that way lately. I like to pinpoint exactly who I want to work with and get in the studio with them.”

Paul collaborated with Migos six years ago for his song “Body,” which is a strict reggae track. He says he has not spoken to most of the members in some time, but it usually in contact with Takeoff. Clearly, the lack of communication isn’t influencing Sean’s decision to do a song with Cardi B in the future, “I did have opportunities to work with her in this way, where someone would mix and match production together, but I wasn’t down with that. It didn’t sound like what I would come up with being in studio with Cardi B or what she would come up with on the track. I’d love to work with her!”

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