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Sena Huks’ Album ‘When It’s Day (Wednesday) Is A Must Listen

Sena Huks’ Album ‘When It’s Day (Wednesday) Is A Must Listen

Whenever Africa produces a unique musician like Sena Huks that is proving to be very successful as a geoscientist and a recording artist, we all need to stand up to salute his courage. If Sena could qualify for a superhero character, he will be Tony Stark in the movie Avengers. With the precision of a scientist, Sena Huks delivered his debut album called When It’s Day (Wednesday) – This is a collector’s item – a must-listen.

In Africa, one problem that seems noticeable with most people is their inability to discover their purpose in life in their pursuit to attain fulfillment. In most cases, when you show some form of artistic ingenuity that is not in line with the plan your parent is having, you face a push back to earn a living doing what you are least excited doing.

Fortunately for Sena Huks, though not the pilot he dreamt of as a little boy, he has been able to defy the norm by successfully marrying his passion as a geoscientist and his talent as a musician to a desirable degree. The incredible suavity of his story hinges on successfully combining two occupations from two different sides of the coin is incredible. As stereo-typically perceived, especially in African homes, creative people are not serious-minded, which is why they cannot fathom someone thriving in the complex world of Oil and Gas will decide to take up a career in music.

Every single song on Sena Huks’ When It’s Day (Wednesday) Album is indicative of his musical exceptionalism. The depth of his musicianship draws cross-appeal from the streets to the bars and the dance floor. Right from songs like Na You, the lead single, you get the sense of meticulous craftsmanship from the collection that fits the multiple emotional states we go through daily. As you can guess, he is a Wednesday born with auspicious belief on that day as the bringer of joy and excitement in his week.

According to an interview with tunesXmuse, the global music vertical of MuseAfrica, Sena said, “my mind was blown away by the reception to the album. To come back from my long break from music to do such an excellent job, according to the fans, it’s encouraging.” Sena Huks describes his music style as a blend of indigenous African rhythms, tones, strings with R&B to create a new AfroRNB genre. He counts his inspirations amongst Drake, Chris Brown, and Michael Jackson on the global scale with Naeto C and Banky being his African benchmarks.

According to several music pundits, the When It’s Day (Wednesday) album epitomizes all the good things in life for the young artist. From songs such as Oh girl Oh, Location, Na You that features his favorite female vocalist Nana Yaa, Things, God Do Am, this album is a must-listen.

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Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo: Instagram & Twitter – @TillyAkuaNipaa

Story proofread and Posted Sesan Adeniji: Instagram & Twitter – @sesanadeniji

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