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Sheddy On The Beat – ‘Addictive Drive Time Companion’ On Beat 97.9FM Abuja

Sheddy On The Beat – ‘Addictive Drive Time Companion’ On Beat 97.9FM Abuja

In a rising crescendo, the name Sheddy On The Beat is echoing louder among some of the best on-air radio personalities in today’s broadcasting industry in Nigeria. Presently on the books of Beat 97.9 FM Abuja, this lad smoothly runs through commentaries. Entertaining, he holds the audience spellbound on his daily drive time show as though stardust had been sprinkled in his voice. 

Words by Sesan Adeniji


Once known with the alter ego name ‘JedEye’ but his maiden name is Igho Avwerosuo Shedrack. Sheddy is fluent and not one of the ‘fake deep’ personalities on the radio. Easy on the eye like a Google logo, but when this chap engages in conversation, his wealth of knowledge is limitless. With an envious sense of humor and vastly knowledgeable about the entire entertainment industry including the sporting world, Sheddy is one of a kind on the radio. 


In detail, talk about you and your journey to becoming an OAP?


“I started my broadcasting journey with Silverbird Communications in Benin City, Edo State. It was a fascinating experience. I fast went from being an intern to handling multiple shows and taking news belts in a space of 3-years. By the 4th-year, I was appointed the Acting Head of Programs. Through this time, I had handled nighttime radio; political analysis on the breakfast shows and eventually sports analysis on the weekends. 


Generally, I have always had a large hunger for information. All I knew made quite an impression on fans. They nominated me for the ‘Guinness Made of Black’ Awards in 2015, which I won in October that same year. In early 2016, my interest in urban radio programming began. My adventure to move from Rhythm FM to Vibes FM Benin came to fruition. I handled both the news belts and sports reports initially for a few months and gradually over a space of 2-years progress to handling the Drive Time show.


In my final year, I took over from my colleague and friend, Osato Edokpayi, aka EDK as the company’s new Breakfast host and Head of Programs. It was expected as after 6-years in the great city of Benin, I made the leap to join one of Nigeria’s biggest media bodies, Megaelectrics Limited, operators of The Beat FM, Classic FM, Lagos Talks and Naija FM, where I currently handle the Drive Time Show and head a team of brilliant radio edutainer at The Beat 97.9 FM Abuja.


 Outside the radio, what else do you spend your time doing?


 As the head of a department and an OAP, it can be quite challenging to make time for leisure but working with the company has its perks as I get to vacation in locations I might have only dreamt about for a long time, as well as my love for adventure. I literally would typically check out all the fun spots in my city over the months. So don’t be surprised if you see me drive by, lol.


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – @SheddyOnTheBeat

4 comments on “Sheddy On The Beat – ‘Addictive Drive Time Companion’ On Beat 97.9FM Abuja”

  1. Mabel

    Apart from sheddy being my brother, he is also my nigga… I’ve watched him grow over the years from strength to strength. Its amazing how far grace could take one, I’m proud of the man he has become and grateful to God for the works in his life.
    I look forward to seeing you at the white house some day interviewing the U.S president.

  2. Igho Israel Ebruvwiyo

    Nice work bro, bless up

  3. Igho ochuko benedict

    Great job bro,I believe this is just the beginning of what’s to happen or come

  4. Adewole.O.Martins

    Having known Him for this quite a time, I found out that He’s just the Sheddy He is. I love Him for his Obedient, loyalty, humility, dedication and selflessness.
    I know with these virtues He’s going higher and higher everyday.
    Thumbs up bro, one love

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